Podcast: Shane Douglas suffered four separate fractures during the ECW Wrestlepalooza ’98 wrestling

As Paul Heyman increased the number of pay-per-view views in the United States from three in the previous year to four, extreme championship wrestling continued to attract national attention in 1998. Wrestlepalooza-what’s the name, is it? -This is the second time billing in ECW in the year since “Dangerous Life” in March.

The company will invade the enemy territory of the Civic Center in Cobb County, Marietta, Georgia. This is the home base of the World Wrestling Championship, but based on the reaction of the fans, you may not know it. ECW fans are good people or bad people, this is a special breed, of course, their company has gone backwards. ECW World Heavyweight Champion Shane Douglas took advantage of this by promoting Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair’s TV show, where we have unedited audio. [Warning: That clip contains quite a bit of NSFW language.]

However, when it comes to ECW, which everyone knows and loves in 1998, the performance of this event will be mediocre. Douglas has been struggling with so many injuries, which undoubtedly is not conducive to an excellent main event match with Al Snow, Rob Van Dam and Sabu’s time-limited game. The lottery was full of chaos and weird spots. I couldn’t watch the live broadcast as a fan at all, and New Jack jumped off the balcony and played Bam Bam Bigelow with his guitar and almost kicked himself out.

This is certainly an event worthy of news coverage-but it does not mean it is good. Vaughn Johnson and I discussed the event in depth because it may be one of the worst ECW pay-per-view viewings ever. Fortunately, they will rebound with the best ECW pay-per-view method ever in August, namely Heat Wave ’98. This summer, we may conduct in-depth research on this, so stay tuned.

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