MLA Alberta Drew Barnes, Todd Loewen started from UCP group meeting

Alberta MLA Drew Barnes (Drew Barnes) and Todd Loewen (Todd Loewen) were expelled from the UCP caucus after accusing them of splitting parties and undermining government leadership.

The focus of Cypress’s medical cap, Barnes, has become a prolific critic of Prime Minister Jason Kenney’s decision during the pandemic. Central Peace-Loswen Army Member Loewen expressed his dissatisfaction publicly in a letter issued early on Thursday morning.

On Thursday afternoon, after a few hours of a meeting of the 62-member core group, the backbencher was deported. The results will be released at MT 7:30 pm.

Mike Ellis, the whip of UCP, said in an interview: “Members recognize that as we continue to work towards the final stage of the COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent phases, we must maintain the core strength of the government and unite us. The leader of Prime Minister Jason Kenny,” an email.

“In our caucus, there is simply no room for those who are constantly seeking to divide our party and undermine government leadership, especially at this critical moment in our province.”

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Jared Wesley, a political scientist at the University of Alberta, said that this letter from MLA Todd Loewen is rare in Canadian politics, and it would be impossible to write this letter without consulting other core team members. 1:57

The vote took place hours after Loewen went to Edmonton Radio 630 CHED to discuss his letter. He said the problems with Kenny’s leadership can be traced back to 18 months ago and threatened to destroy the party.

Loewen resigned as chairman of the UCP core group and asked Kenney to resign. This letter has been posted on social media.

He said that the caucus and Albertans have lost confidence in Kenny’s leadership.

Loewen said that Kenny’s relationship with the back MLA was very good in the first few months after UCP was elected in April 2019, but it has been declining since.

Loewen said that opposition to his leadership of MLA is “a symptom of an internal disease.”

Loewen’s letter is the latest sign of public discord within the UCP core group.

Last month, 16 key tasks signed an open letter criticizing Kenny’s public health restrictions for being too strict. In the smaller cities and rural areas of Alberta, MLA faces strong opposition from UCP supporters because they believe that business closures and cover-up orders are too strict.

2 options

The leader of the New Democratic Party of Alberta, Rachel Notley, said that the prime minister and the government should be in the legislature dealing with the pandemic. She said Loewen should pay more attention to the closure of the emergency department in Fairview, a small town where he was cycling in northern Alberta.

Notelli said: “We should focus on Alberta’s priorities.” “On the contrary, Jason Kenney and UCP are so busy fighting each other that they can’t resolve the Alberta family and The major problems that companies are currently facing.”

Jared Wesley, a political scientist at the University of Alberta, said Kenny should act soon to quell dissent in the party. (Peter Evans/CBC)

Jared Wesley, a political scientist at the University of Alberta, stated that Ron’s letters are rare in Canadian politics and that they are not available without consulting other core team members. It’s too likely to be written.

Wesley said that Kenny faced two unfavorable choices.

Wesley said: “He can allow this kind of public, very heinous objection, and most people think it will only encourage others to come forward and make similar appeals.”

“Or he can expel the member and invite other MLAs to send more defectors.”

Wesley said that when the U.S. Mutual Legal Assistance Organization began to speak at the beginning of this year, Kenny’s mistake did not make the dissidents get into trouble soon.

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