John McMullen: Has the Hawks quarterback become conservative?

A large part of the supporters make Howie Roseman seek the darkest color in the car dealership, or ask Eagles GM to be unemployed at any opportunity-whether it is in the Phillies game or the selfless autism commentary on the team’s website- Somehow convinced that Jalen Hurts was the answer for the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback.

Because of this… Rothman said it publicly at least.

This is a weird dynamic, but emotions always make a difference logically, and there is always a chance that Hutts will become the next superstar in the most important position in the game.

For all the discussions about the highest signal caller limit in the 2021 draft, it is almost a foregone conclusion, Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Trey Lance and Justin Fields will go bankrupt.

Unless you want to go back to Otto Graham (Otto Graham) and Johnny Unitas (Johnny Unitas), otherwise, the most modern discussions about the greatest QB of all time boil down to Joe Mon Tana (Joe Montana), he was a third-round pick for Notre Dame de Paris, and Tom Brady (Tom Brady) ranked 199 overall in 2000 from Michigan.

Hutts’ star pedigree in Alabama and Oklahoma is actually one mile higher than Brady and Montana.

The Hawks’ second-year starter is the 53rd overall championship in the 2020 draft and the runner-up of the Heisman Trophy and the Sunners. Everything is possible. When you consider Huters’ professional ethics and natural leadership skills, Ted Russo can stand up and “believe” by himself. This is not difficult.

Personally, I became a messenger for BIRDS 365 this week, which greatly encouraged me to mention that I had a conversation with 15 staff evaluators before the drafting, and no one even evaluated the Hurts ceiling as a potential potential opportunity. Spear or field.

032621JalenHurtsBill Streicher / “USA Today” Sports

Jalen Hurts and Howie Roseman.

Lawrence and Wilson were deliberately excluded from the query because Philadelphia did not have any reasonable assurance of these two shots throughout the process. The same is true for Mac Jones, because the belief here is that the Eagles are never interested in that route.

Furthermore, the Spear may also be eliminated in South Philadelphia for political purposes, because shortly after the Carson Wentz tragedy, it was an almost untenable re-walking of the North Dakota route. Road-no matter how unfair and out of touch, that is Lance’s idea.

For the Hawks, San Francisco’s placement of Lance in third overall may be a welcome respite, even though Roseman never lost sixth place initially, but the latest NDSU star signal caller Still far from Formula Philadelphia.

This eliminated the possibility of everyone being a potential choice for Philadelphia, but Fields unexpectedly ranked ninth in Denver when the Broncos turned their attention to Green Bay’s dissatisfied Aaron Rogers.

When the Eagles planned to surpass the New York Giants to draft Devanta Smith, Chicago ranked 20th. Under the shadow of his own disaster, he appeared as Mitchell Trubisky (Mitchell Trubisky). Going hard was once a star at Ohio State University and began to call No. 8-12 and the Eagles and Carolina. Everyone has similar deals, including the first round picks in 2022.

Once the Hawks switched jobs from Dave Gettleman to Smith, the Giants (GM) retreated comfortably for a major gain, so that the Bears could line up Fields. In the 11th place.

The Eagles can easily see dominoes. If Roseman does not quit, the Giants keep Smith in the Fields or the trading ability drops to 20, then players such as Kwity Paye, Caleb Farley, Greg Newsome, Rashod Bateman and Kadarius Toney Will be vacant in needed positions-plus another first-round pick in 2022, if Wentz carries his own water in Indianapolis, it could give Rothman a four-pointer.

For General Motors, known for its understanding of value, Rothman did not take this path.

That’s right.

The Hawks are not the process 76ers, you have to take players at some point, not just accumulate assets. More importantly, Smith is a very good player with a better future than the 20th player. Except for Farley, he has lost some of the energy of the league due to medical reasons and may have been eliminated. . The Eagles had a board of directors on the first day.

If Smith becomes a superstar and Chicago does what it always does to QB, then none of this will matter. However, if Fields becomes the best QB for the Bears since Sid Luckman, Smith will be powerless. That’s how valuable the QB position is relative to WR.

If Fields appears, the only broken glass that can save Roseman is that Hurts turns a year of trial training into a ten-year career as a Philadelphia starter or future QB1 ( Spencer Rattler? Sam Howell? Deshaun Watson?) Eliminate the once and for all memories of a franchise store. After the divorce scandal, conservatives have always occupied the most important position.

Rothman once said: “For better or worse, we are all quarterback developers. We want to be a quarterback factory.”

The factory may still be open. It just reimagined it from the sales of high-end products to 1%, and then to the cheaper version of mass production.

Sometimes, you can find very good deals on Target.

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