Internal dissent eventually led to a public call for the resignation of Alberta Prime Minister Jason Kenney

The growing internal dissatisfaction within Alberta Prime Minister Jason Kenney’s Conservative Party Coalition Caucus has turned into an open challenge to his leadership.

Senior back seat member Todd Loewen (Todd Loewen) called on Kenny to resign in a letter posted on Facebook earlier on Thursday, saying that he no longer has confidence in his leadership.

Loewen accused Kenney and his government of ineffective transactions with Ottawa, ignoring core team members, conveying contradictory messages, and undermining key issues such as negotiations with doctors and the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains Controversy over coal mining.

Lowen wrote: “Many Albertans, including me, no longer have confidence in your leadership.” “I thank you for your service, but I want you to resign so that we can rebuild the province again. Unite.”

Loewen is the focus of Nottingham (Central Peace-Notley), a rural cycling activity in northern Alberta.

Last month, he became one of 18 UCP backbenchers who broke with the Kenny government over health care restrictions aimed at reducing the spread of COVID-19. They say that these rules are unnecessary restrictions and violate personal freedom.

Senior back seat member Todd Loewen (Todd Loewen) called on Kenny to resign in a letter posted on Facebook earlier on Thursday, saying that he no longer has confidence in his leadership. (Wild Rose Pie)

Kenny has tolerated public debates for several weeks. He said he believes in freedom of speech and that backbenchers are not in the cabinet or speaking on behalf of his government.

Loewen is the second term MLA, the first person to openly break with Kenney and ask him to resign.

Lowen also said that he will resign as chairman of the UCP core group, but said he has no intention of leaving the party.

He wrote: “The core problem we are currently encountering is a direct result of your leadership.”

Lowen wrote: “The Albertans think that our government is disjointed and arrogant. They want our core team to bring their concerns to the government.”

“When the prime minister chooses not to [to] Listening to the core group discussion, it’s no wonder why people choose to stop listening to government speeches?

“Our supporters and the supporters I represent can no longer tolerate this. These people have not abandoned UCP principles and values, but they specifically abandoned you.”

Loewen said that Kenney’s track record is problematic. He said the government’s response to the hostile federal government was considered weak.

“The negotiations with the doctor were not handled well. The government’s actions in Dongpo did not match Alberta’s expectations and values.”

For more than a year, after the Kenny government unilaterally tore up the general agreement on salary and working rules, it fell into a dispute with doctors. There is currently no new agreement.

After a public outcry, the government quietly revoked a 44-year-old policy and withdrew the policy this year, which protected the eastern slopes and the tops of the Rocky Mountains from coal mines. .

Unity is disintegrating

Kenney is the former cabinet minister of Stephen Harper’s Federal Conservative government and was the architect of the merger of his Progressive Conservative Party and the Wildrose Party to form UCP.

Lowen said he and his voters still believe in UCP.

“We are not united in blind loyalty to one person. When you advocate unity, it is clear that unity is disintegrating.”

Rumor has it that Kenney suspended the legislature’s spring meeting two weeks ago, leading to an increase in UCP’s internal violations. Kenny said the move is to protect staff and members of the legislature from COVID-19.

On Wednesday, the government extended the suspension for a week.

“I do not think so [Loewen] Is an independent person. “Said Duane Bratt, a political scientist at Mount Royal University in Calgary.

“Kenny must respond.”

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