Greyhound Canada permanently shuts down all bus services

Greyhound Canada will permanently close all remaining bus routes in Canada.

The bus company said all remaining routes will cease operations from midnight on Thursday.

Iconic bus Withdrawal from Western Canada in 2018.

Then put When COVID-19 strikes in 2020, its remaining routes are suspended, But now it has permanently withdrawn from domestic services in Canada.

Spokesperson Stuart Kendrick said: “Unfortunately, there was no revenue for a whole year, which prevented it from continuing to operate.” “We deeply regret this, and this is fortunate for our employees and customers, as well as for us. The community that has served for many years has had an impact.”

Although domestic services will be terminated, Greyhound’s US parent company will continue to operate five cross-border routes that started or ended within the United States. They are:

  • Toronto to Buffalo, New York
  • Toronto to New York
  • Montreal to Boston
  • Montreal to New York
  • Vancouver to Seattle

Greyhound Canada has been operating in one form or another for more than a century.

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