Dad-to-be wins test to determine if Tinder connection leads to “beautiful baby”

A BC court judge has ordered a paternity test of the baby, which may be the result of a tinder relationship or ongoing marital sex.

In one case, a legal tension between a man who claimed to be a father and a woman seeking to protect the best interests of his child was highlighted. A man who had had sex with someone several times after meeting through a popular dating app Is seeking contact with his baby. Believe it is his child.

None of the parties involved in the case have been named-even the location of the court has been determined. Keep in decision, Was delivered in February, but only released this month.

Judge Justine Saunders has not yet made any rulings on children’s admission-a decision requires a blood or tissue test before the problem can be determined.

“We made a beautiful child”

The men and women in the case met through Tinder in April 2018 and communicated via social media. She was married at the time and had two children.

They had sex 3 times in May, August and November 2018.

Stock photos of infants. The woman in the court claimed that she learned that she was pregnant in December 2018, one month after she had sex with the man. During the relevant time period, she also had sexual intercourse with her husband. (shutter)

The woman claimed to have had sex with her husband during the relevant period. The woman learned that she was pregnant in December 2018, but cut off contact with the man and told him that she had a miscarriage.

The woman’s husband was present when the baby was born and has been registered as the child’s biological father.

According to the verdict, the man and woman who claimed the child were contacts he re-established in December 2019, when she posted a picture of the baby on Facebook.

The man claimed that she had put a picture of the child on the Internet and wrote to him: “We made a beautiful baby. This is the best gift you have ever given to me.”

She also arranged for him to meet several times, but then cut off contact.

After the man fought for the right of passage in court, he told her husband about her husband’s situation in July 2020.

“Totally incredible and incredible”

In the judgment, Sanders cited cases stemming from the judgment of the House of Lords in the United Kingdom. Talking about shame It used to exist around the so-called “legitimacy” of children.

The British judge wrote: “There is no doubt that there are still many circles of unpopular people who are illegal. However, there are many other circles, especially in big cities, where no one knows and does not care whether new immigrants are legal or not. Unlawful.”

“People hope that prejudice against the unfortunate is decreasing.”

After having sex three times, the woman’s relationship with the man she met on Tinder ended. (Dragan Grkic / Shutterstock)

Sanders also pointed out 2003 case This is to say: “Usually, by determining the truth of the child’s fatherhood, the interests of justice and the interests of the child can be best safeguarded.”

However, in some cases (cited by the female lawyer), the judge refused to order the test, including a person involving a 20-year-old “child” when a stranger claimed that he was the result of an extramarital affair. The child is already in college.

“in case [he] At some point in the future, he agreed that he wanted to do it, and he could perform a blood test, but I found that ordering a 20-year-old student to offend him to give up a blood test is offensive for this purpose, and to take a blood test for this purpose. Blood sample. “

Sanders also believes The bizarre case of 1985 In this case, the judge refused to order a paternity test for a Lower Mainland doctor who claimed to have sex with another doctor and therefore gave birth to a child.

The woman’s new partner claimed that he was the boy’s father, but the doctor harassed the couple and caused the obstetrician and gynecologist to ask him to be present at the time of delivery, so the case was withdrawn.

The judge called the doctor’s behavior “completely unbelievable and unbelievable.” The couple went to Ontario to have a baby.

‘Doesn’t seem to be a’hook’

In the current situation, the woman’s lawyer argued that the meeting through Tinder was a “hook-up” situation.

But Sanders said the man’s affidavit implies this.

The judge wrote: “She contacted him after the baby was born, and her husband didn’t know the situation until he applied for a paternity test in July 2020.”

“Therefore, this does not seem to be a’hook’ because she described’how we created a beautiful baby’ shown in her text, which she did not deny.”

Sanders concluded that the timing of sex and the lack of any evidence to prevent pregnancy are enough for us to conduct a paternity test.

The judge said that based on the results, she can determine whether the man has the right to enter.

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