1 person was killed and 2 injured in a shooting at Burnaby Shopping Center

Another shooting occurred in the Greater Vancouver area, this time in a shopping mall in Burnaby. Police at the Market Crossing site told CBC News that one person was killed and two others were injured, including a woman.

Few details have been released, but Burnaby RCMP and gang investigators were on the scene near the Cactus Club on Byrne Road and Maritime Avenue shortly after 9pm on Thursday.

Whether the shooting is related to the escalating gang conflicts in the Lower Mainland is currently uncertain. In the past three weeks, at least seven men were shot to death and several others were injured.

Certain gunfire has erupted in some unusual public places.

Last weekend, a man was Vancouver International Airport.A British Columbia correctional officer was killed in a parking lot Outside the mall in Delta On May 1, another victim was fatally hit in front Front of the stadium In the morning of a working day in Langli.

Manny Mann, the head of the Special Forces of the BC Joint Forces, said that some of the violent incidents are related to gang wars, which can be traced back to 15 days ago between Red Scorpions, independent soldiers and wolves and the United Nations.

The Burnaby RCMP responded to the shooting at Market Crossing Mall on Thursday. (submitted)

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