You may actually be able to travel in Canada for summer vacation this year

Jurisdictions across the country still impose strict travel restrictions, but the steady increase in vaccinations may mean that Canadians can implement family vacation plans for at least part of the summer.

Dr. Lynora Saxinger, an infectious disease expert at the University of Alberta Hospital, said: “I actually feel pretty optimistic.” “I don’t know if I plan to travel in June, but looking forward to the end of July and August, I would be surprised if we are not sure if you can travel within your province and most likely travel between provinces..

Saxinge said that even if the introduction of the vaccine has not yet been completed, experience elsewhere has shown that once the adult vaccination rate reaches 50% to 60%, the transmission rate will be greatly reduced.

She said: “At the moment, this actually looks promising because the vaccination rate is rising rapidly.”

Dr. Philippe Lagace-Wiens, assistant professor of medical microbiology at the University of Manitoba, agreed that “there is some light at the end of the tunnel.”

He said that assuming the vaccine is well absorbed, “he doesn’t see a medical reason, and we won’t be able to travel between provinces.”

He said: “Especially if you are willing to call during the summer months of July and August.” “I think by July, most people will… get the vaccine. Although the third wave continues until In Canada for a while, we will still see a decline in vaccination rates.”

Travel restrictions imposed by provinces

Currently, many provinces have imposed intra-provincial and inter-provincial restrictions on non-essential travel.In British Columbia, the public health department divides the province into three Tourist area And ask residents not to travel in their area or outside the province.

Road signs on the Alberta-British Columbia border remind visitors that all travel is essential at this moment.

In Manitoba, residents are required to restrict travel for basic purposes only, and anyone who returns or enters the province must self-isolate (there are some exemptions for basic labor).

In Ontario, residents are told not to travel in their area or outside the province. Travel into the province from Manitoba or Quebec is restricted, but subject to some exemptions.

At the same time, due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 and emerging variants, the plan to reopen the Atlantic travel bubble is still being shelved. The plan allows four provinces (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Las Vegas). Regional travel between Brado and Prince Edward Island) is not restricted.

Watch | Trudeau urges Canadians to get the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke with reporters at the regular pandemic briefing on Tuesday. 2:10

Despite this, health experts and politicians still recommend that some of these travel restrictions be lifted in the coming months.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated that restrictions must be maintained until at least 75% of the population has at least the first shot, and that community transmission can be better controlled through testing, tracking and reducing transmission.

CBC’s vaccine tracker It shows that more than 40% of people in Canada have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

He said that Trudeau continued to be restricted throughout May and early June, coupled with a large amount of vaccine intake, will enable Canadians to enjoy a “slightly better summer.”

The Governor of British Columbia, John Horgan, also expressed optimism. He said a few weeks ago that he hoped that “we will be in June and July-most certainly August and September-as we turn to The best months since. The 2020s.”

The Prime Minister of the Atlantic also stated that they hope the bubble will return to its original shape in the summer.

“Looks much better”

Sachsinger said she plans to visit her family in Ontario in August.

She said: “Even if the case rate drops for a while, I actually feel that the situation will be much better.” “So, I think that as the case rate is controlled, many restrictions will start to decrease.”

Lagace-Wiens emphasized that vaccination is the fastest way to enter summer vacation mode and be able to travel.

“I think the fastest way to go back to a country that allows us to see the Rocky Mountains and return home without self-isolation is to get immunization. I think this is an important message.”

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