UK Weather Forecast-As the temperature finally rises after the cold and rainy spring, we are ready for the 22C ROASTER race next week

Long-term prediction-shower outbreak

The Metropolitan Office’s long-term forecast from May 13 to May 22 said: “It will be cloudy on Thursday and there will be torrential rains and showers, especially in the southwest of England.

“It is expected that showers will become more common during the day, and the southern regions may be heavy and may have thunderstorms. The weather in the remote northwest will be the most relaxing.

“There will be showers for the rest of the week, and there may be short settlements from west to Friday.

He said: “For the rest of the time, the unresolved theme will continue, with longer showers and showers in the middle, and the most likely weather condition is in the north.

“Sometimes there may be light winds, especially in coastal areas, where there may be strong winds. The temperature will be close to or slightly below average, although the formation of overnight frost becomes unlikely.”

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