UK Coronavirus News Update-If cases increase and vaccination fails, millions of Britons may face lockdown even after June 21

Can effectively check the family experience of COVID-19, so to speak

A candidate said that the participation of bereaved families will be the “absolute key” to the success of an independent investigation into the government’s handling of the pandemic.

Boris Johnson revealed on Wednesday that the investigation will begin next spring and will “put the state’s actions under the microscope.”

Rivika Gottlieb’s father, Michael, who died in the first wave of the pandemic, has been one of the people who have asked for an investigation since last year.

Ms. Gottlieb said in front of the National Coronavirus Memorial in London: “We have been conducting reviews since last May.

“We hoped to have a quick review last summer because we wanted to learn the lessons immediately before the winter peak, but that didn’t happen.

“I firmly believe that if these lessons were learned last summer, thousands of lives could have been saved. Honestly, the idea of ??waiting another year before conducting a public investigation scared me.”

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