The patient said that finding an effective migraine treatment can be a headache

A new survey released by the National Headache Foundation shows that 84% of Americans have preventive treatment for migraine, hoping for better treatment options.

This Survey results Highlights the physical and emotional barriers to preventive treatment of diseases that affect millions of Americans.

The survey shows that despite the current various treatments, most migraine sufferers still believe that they cannot successfully prevent attacks.

Many migraines suffer from feelings of expression Depression, exhaustion, stress and anxiety. They said they needed a drug to give them more migraine-free days every month.

Almost half of the women surveyed reported that hormonal changes related to menstruation, menopause or childbirth usually make their symptoms worse.

Migraine is the debilitating disease of the second ambassador in the world. It affects all aspects of a person’s life and causes serious emotional and physical distress. ” Say Jill Dehlin, Chairman of the Patient Leadership Committee of the National Headache Foundation. “So many migraine sufferers live in fear every day because they don’t know when the attack will happen.

“In this survey, many people reported that they are pursuing migraine control goals. This is an unattainable goal that highlights the need for new preventive treatments, as well as education and empowerment for disease control. Resources.”

How is migraine different from headache?

Migraine sufferers experience chronic attacks Severe headache Not only can it cause pain, but it can also cause nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to sounds and sounds. An episode can last up to three days and affect a person’s social and professional life.

This Cleveland Clinic The report says that about four-fifths of migraine sufferers have a family history. Migraine attacks that consist of sensory or visual disturbances are considered migraine with aura. Symptoms include distortion of vision due to dark spots or jagged lines, numbness, or speech difficulties. Reiki is usually a sign of headaches.

Migraines affect people in different ways. Hemiplegic migraine can cause people to temporarily lose consciousness on one side of the body. Retinal migraines can cause vision loss in one eye, which lasts from a few minutes to several months.

Types of migraine medication

Migraine sufferers often take two drugs. Preventive drugs To help reduce the number of migraine headaches a person has, abortion medications (such as triptans) can reduce the severity of attacks after they start.

In the past few years, a large number of new preventive drugs have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, including Aimovig, Ajovy and Emgality. These three drugs directly inhibit the calcitonin gene-related peptide or CGRP, a protein released from the nerves of the head and face. This protein is related to pain.

There are so many different treatments for migraine, why don’t people find enough relief?

Experts say that the older drugs were not originally designed to treat migraines, but diseases like epilepsy and depression. However, the new drug is designed to target the way migraines affect the brain.

Nevertheless, clinical trials of these drugs have shown that they are usually only effective for slightly more than half of patients. Researchers are still exploring the role of CGRP in migraine to develop better targeted therapies.

Dr. Jessica Ailani, director of Medstar Georgetown Headache Center, has fewer side effects on CGRP inhibitors and is more tolerated by patients than other migraine treatments. Neurology Today.

The complexity of this disease can lead to different effects between different patients-seeking consistency and effective treatment is a big challenge. The expert said.

Lack of sleep, depression, anxiety and obesity can also exacerbate migraine symptoms. The wrong dosage and unbearable side effects can reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

Dr. Jes Olesen, a neuroscientist at the University of Copenhagen, explained: “We need many different drugs because one drug cannot be adapted to all patients. natural.

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