Predicting the roles of the Hawks’ 9 rookie picks in the first year

In the 2021 NFL Draft, the Philadelphia Eagles selected nine players, some of whom are likely to become rookies. Here, we will study each new feature of Birds and predict their role as a novice.

The first round, WR DeVonta Smith

Given that (a) the Hawks traded to the tenth overall pick for Smith, and (b) the roster was not attracted by a wide range of relay players, Smith is not only likely to become a rookie, but also a rookie. He has the opportunity to immediately become the team’s most targeted player in the passing game.

Smith participates in the NFL version of Triple-A (SEC) Average By 2020, Alabama will have 9 goals for 143 yards and 1.8 TD per game on its way to the Heisman Trophy. He already has the best hand of all the receivers on the roster, and may be the best team route runner out of the box. Most importantly, he played for two seasons in Bama (Jaman Hurts) and Barron (Jalen Hurts). Although they have limited “real game” experience on the field, they still have a lot of familiarity.

The bet here is that unless injured, Smith leads the team into the reception area, yard area and TD. For rookie receivers, this sounds like an immortal achievement, and it shouldn’t be because the Eagles’ catching leaders in 2020 are as follows:

• Reception: 53-year-old Greg Ward (Greg Ward)
• Code: Travis Fulgham, 539 years old
• Tank destroyer: Greg Ward, 6 years old

Smith is very talented, and because of his target market share and the possibility of the Eagles falling behind in many games, he will have various opportunities to accumulate large sums of money.

The second round OL Landon Dickerson (OL Landon Dickerson)

If you don’t know, Dickson has His past long list of injuriesIn December 2020, the most recent time was an ACL tear on his left knee.

The Hawks think Dixon will play sometime this season. Howie Roseman (Howie Roseman) said: “We believe this will not be the red shirt season.”[With Sidney Jones] We kind of said, “Hey, this is a man, he won’t participate in the competition this year, we just want to get him right.” That’s not something we were thinking about with Landon. “

At the end of March, Dickerson attacked this in the context of an interview with Mac Jones, at least four consecutive rollovers.

I’m not a doctor, but does this look good? I do not know. In any case, the typical ACL recovery period is about 8 or 9 months, which will make Dickerson’s initial availability around August or September. In this way, he has the opportunity to start participating in training camps on the NFI list. It has recently been suggested that Dixon can push Jason Kelce into office. This is a pure idea, because he is almost certainly not ready to start the game at the training camp in July.

From the Hawks’ perspective, there is no reason for Dickerson to take action. Assuming that all familiar names enter Week 1 unwaveringly, there is no immediate starting point for the inside of the Hawks offensive line. Isaac Seumalo will be at LG, Jason Kelce of C and Brandon Brooks of RG. If one of them loses, Nate Herbig will be ready to fill.

However, as the season progresses, Dixon may play at some point, as the Eagles missed 11 billion starting OL combinations due to injury last year, not to mention their expected average age of starting offensive wingers to be at the beginning. 29.4 years old. In the season, a total of 419 careers started. Although Dixon may be Kells’ successor to center forward, the bet here is that he will only play as a defender in 2021. If Kells goes down the mountain, Sumalo is likely to slip on the inside, but when he becomes Get ready when the first inside player on the bench.

Round three, DT Milton Williams

The rookie DT always seems to find his way out on the Hawks court.

• 2020: Raequan Williams, UDFA: 98 snapshots.
• 2019: Anthony Rush, UDFA, 152 snapshots and Albert Huggins, UDFA, 44 snapshots.
•2018: Bruce Hector, UDFA, a total of 89 snapshots.
• 2017: Elijah Qualls, Sixth-round draft, 103 snapshots.
• 2016: Destiny Vaeao, UDFA, 268 snapshots.

As you can see, in the past five seasons, five undrafted players and one sixth-round pick have had time to be Bird’s rookies. Williams will play, although obviously it would be disappointing if he only played about 100 spikes this season, just like the JAG mentioned above.

There is an argument that Marlon Tuipulotu, Players selected by the Hawks in the sixth round of this draft are more willing to play immediately. We will see in the training camp. But this is not as if DT’s Eagles depth map has been completely stacked, as if it was a season before. This is what it looked like before the April draft:

Eagle DT 1 piece 2 pcs 3
DT Fletcher Cox McGill Raequan Williams
DT Javon Hargrave Hassan Ridgeway

Williams should seize the opportunity, he can see his total points increase at the end of the season. In terms of rookie year expectations, beating someone like Ridgeway or McGill should be a low threshold in terms of game time.

Fourth round, CB Zech McPhearson

The Eagles are expected to sign free-agent cornerbacks to fill their vacancy on CB2, and then they didn’t. Then, many people want to know whether the Eagles will choose the first day or second day pick in the 2021 draft to solve the loophole, and then they didn’t solve it. They did choose McPherson in the fourth round, but after the draft, many people once again expected the Eagles to sign a corner of veteran band-aids, but they still didn’t.

If the list remains as it is, McPhearson’s most fierce competition for novices will be Craig James and Avonte Maddox, and he will have a reasonable chance of winning this Job. I think our starting corner position opposite Darius Slay is still in the “wait and see if they sign in” mode, but considering the Eagles’ extreme lack of depth at the corner, McPherson is very May appear as a rookie.

Round 5, Kenny Gainwell (RB Kenny Gainwell)

The Hawks have complete in-depth charts with Miles Sanders, Boston Scott, Kerryon Johnson and Jordan Howard. Sanders performed well in the 2020 game, but his poor performance in passing games (both receiver and pass protection) opened the door for skilled guards like Gainwell to become a third guard. And immediately contribute.

Assuming he shows something in the training camp, Gainwell will get playing time immediately, because the reclining position does not require a lot of adaptation from college to professional players. It should also be noted that the Memphis defenders immediately played for other NFC East teams:

Memphis RB as a rookie Snapshot Sprint statistics Receive statistics
Tony Pollard (DAL, 2019) 204 86-455-2 15-107-1
Antonio Gibson (Antonio Gibson) (WFT, 2020) 406 170-795-11 36-247-0

Gainwell should share his third chance of defeat with Sanders and Scott, and it is interesting to see if he can show enough strength in non-passing to become behind Sanders. Second place.

Round six, DT Marlon Tuipulotu

Like Gainwell, Tuipulotu is considered a good choice for Day 3, and as mentioned above, he has the opportunity to play a bigger role than Williams at the beginning of the season. Although Williams’ ceiling is higher, Tuiplot’s floor may be higher than Williams’ floor. I think Tuipulotu is part of the first week of the rotation.

Sixth round, DE Tarron Jackson (DE Tarron Jackson)

Jackson is a strong athletic person with a good college degree and lacks ideal body and athletic ability. The first three DEs will be Brandon Graham, Derek Barnett and Josh Sweat. There will be competition for the fourth place DE position. Although it is easy to draw a Jackson pencil on paper, for now, as long as Graham, Barnett and Sweat remain healthy, there will not be many disputes.

Round six, LB JaCoby Stevens

Stevens is a security/lineback tweener (safer than a linebacker) in college, and the team is listed among the linebackers. His highest point may be as a subcontractor for rookies, and he also contributes to special teams.

Round seven, LB Patrick Johnson

Johnson (Johnson) is a sought-after player in college, and the Eagles are turning into a guard. Determine exactly what this means for Jonathan Gannon’s plan. Whether they see Johnson as a sprinter in the early stages of his career or a mature off-field linebacker, he may be best behind the scenes for a while. Johnson was a good choice for the practice team at first, and if he had a good training camp, he would have the opportunity to stick to it.

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