How to use the “secret” code to get an amazing barbecue and bar pavilion for £175

HOME Essentials sells amazing barbecues and pavilions, which you can buy for just £175.

The pavilion is usually 200 pounds, but with a “secret code”, which can reduce the price by 30 pounds, the summer bar is a bargain, including shipping.

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You can ship the bar to your home for a total price of £175Credit: Family Essential

This transaction was discovered HotUK Special The bargain hunter discovered the secret code and figured it out. You can save 15% on the price of the gazebo.

In addition, you can also ship it to your home cheaply.

BBQ bar pavilion With a steel frame and tarp cover, this is the perfect choice if you are serving drinks in the garden in bad weather in the UK.

The bar is also equipped with various shelves for storing drinks, and the front is covered, and the appearance is tidy.

To get the price of £175, you only need to put the pavilion and cheap things (e.g. £2.50 pillowcase Accept orders over £200.

Then, when you check out, please use the discount code A prompt of “SAVE3” appears in the promotion box, which will save you £30 on your order.

It will not work unless you have at least £200 in your shopping basket, but you can use the code until 23:59 on May 31.

Therefore, with a pillowcase and pavilion in your shopping basket, and using the code, your order totals £171.50, then you only need to pay an extra £3.5 for delivery.

Although you can buy the pavilion now, you may have to wait for a while to receive the order, as it may not arrive until June 28.

However, other items you add to your shopping basket will appear soon.

It is always worth the best bargain, because even if something is provided it does not make it the best bargain.

Aldi launched Tiki-style bar, priced at £200 There are, but there is no trick to get any extra money from this money.

This means that, technically speaking, it is £25 more expensive than the Home Essentials version you can get through a discount code, plus Aldi’s additional delivery fee.

Aldi’s bar counter is currently sold out, and there is no extended roof overhead, so when it rains, the bar’s dry space will be reduced.

Available at The Range £130 BBQ pavilion It is £45 cheaper than the discounted price of Home Essential, but you will miss the £175 garden bar feature.

It does have shelves on both sides for you to rest and drink, but there is no place to store bottles or surfaces to practice any bartending skills.

If you want to save more inspiration, Home Essentials also offers discount codes for smaller budgets.

You can get a £10 discount in the £100 store using “SAVE1” and a £20 discount in the £150 store using “SAVE2”, but you cannot use these offers at the same time as any other codes-their expiry date Also the same promo code with a duration of £30.

In the past, shoppers shared Secret sales code This way you can pick up children’s clothes at Next at a low price.

We also revealed password You can also ask for takeaways to get large discounts.

Previously, Aldi sold exact replicas of Home Essentials’ latest barbecue and pavilion, but £50 cheaper At that time.

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