Eagles 2021 schedule leaked: According to reports, the birds will be at the Atlanta Open

When you think about this, the announcement of the NFL timetable will arouse great interest and expectations, which is absurd.

We already know Opponents, whether at home or far, But the order of the Hawks’ game in 2021 will be the headline news. We will not deprive you. Remember, these are rumors and reports, and many have not been confirmed.

The following is what we know or know about the game field in 2021 so far, and we will update it as we hear more information:

Week 1 (Atlanta)

When the Eagles woke up with this little gold nugget on Wednesday morning, they immediately wasted the pot to arouse the interest of the fans:

For the Hawks, this may be an ideal start, although there is no doubt that they will prefer to go home, but facing a winning division opponent, this is undoubtedly a good opener.

Here are the other games from week 1:

This game also more or less confirmed that the Eagles will not play games in London (sorry, Jimmy…).

Week 2 (vs 49ers)

An unconfirmed leak on Twitter seems to suggest that the Eagles will face the Niners in the second year and second home opener this week.

Week 3 (vs cowboys, MNF)

Reports of football slate on Monday night may leak out early, and there are reports suggesting that the birds will host Dallas in the third week of national television.

Week 6 (vs pirates, TNF)

Imagine this? The short-week Eagles hosting Tom Brady and Super Bowl champion Bucs may be their game on Thursday night. This is a prime-time battle-it must be a rare general election of the week. This may also be confirmed early.

Seventh week (on the strategy)

Jeff McLane of The Interrogator reported that the Hawks will begin their first game in Las Vegas at 4:25 on October 24.

Week 11 (vs saint)

Another unconfirmed leak, a lot Reporting The Eagles will receive the Saints in mid-November.

Week 12 (vs Giants)

Late last night, the first truly unconfirmed glimpse of the “Eagle” came from the “New York Post”. According to reports, fans in Philadelphia and New York will wait a while (until November 28) to see Their team fights in the NFC East:

Giants fans must wait until Week 12 to boo the Eagles. In the 17th week of last season’s loss to Washington, the Giants’ suspicious efforts prevented the Giants from making the playoffs and aroused the outrage of the judges. Since then, coach Doug Pederson has been fired, but November 28 (the end of Thanksgiving weekend) will still be circled on the calendar.

Two weeks ago, the Eagles also changed hands with the Cowboys in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft and jumped to the Giants to accept receiver DeVonta Smith, which aroused the flames of competition. The Giants focus on smart trades, which makes them the future first-round pick and receiver Kadarius Toney. [NY Post]

Week 16 (vs Giants)

If you have questions about the department, the last few weeks might be interesting:

Week 18 (vs Cowboys)

If the Eagles do not exceed/under 6.5 games and low expectations, then this may be the incredible end of the regular season, with the Giants playing in Washington at the same time. However, the department may still be rubbish, so who knows…


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