Cute puppy dressed as Madonna to participate in reality show

The puppies star brought an amazing reality TV show to Madonna.

A favorite pet consists of blue leg sleeves, yellow “catsuits”, curly hair and dangling earrings-in the early 1980s, spitting like a “virgin” singer.


A favorite pet is composed of blue leg covers, yellow “catsuits”, large headbands and dangling earringsCredit: Getty
This dog is a spitting photo of a virgin singer in the early 1980s


This dog was a spitting photo of a virgin singer in the early 1980sCredit: Getty

Mini-Madge is a competitor to Pooch Perfect US hosted by Rebel Wilson.

Hope the judges like her material spin.

This Material girl, 62, Recently bought this 12,500 square foot Hidden Hills house, which was originally listed for 18 million pounds last year.

Her new manor has seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and is located on nearly three acres of turf lawns and sun-drenched hillsides.

Madonna always wears fashionable clothes


Madonna always wears fashionable clothesCredit: Getty

Madonna also owns a huge mansion new York, You can also use the spacious chef’s kitchen, entertainer bar, terrace and swimming pool.

Other facilities include a double master suite, office, wine room, fitness room, theater, spacious barn, five-car garage and a full basketball court.

There is also a two-bedroom hotel.

Piers Morgan criticized Madonna as “rude and unkind”

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