Crypto payment platform COINQVEST won the winner of the $500,000 Stellar seed fund»CryptoNinjas

COINQVEST, a set of encrypted payment API and web-based invoice and payment management tools, announced today that it was selected as the top business of Stellar Seed Fund and won the first place among Stellar Development Foundation members and peers. Stellar ecosystem.

The final round consisted of eight participants, each of whom received a non-equity grant amount proportional to the number of votes obtained. COINQVEST received 835,214 XLM (worth more than US$500,000 at the time of winning). Starting in August 2020, a total of 58 companies and blockchain projects have entered the nine-month competition.

Stellar Seed Fund

This Seed fund Seek support for Stellar’s long-term development of utility programs to support the ecosystem and viable, profitable enterprises to build products and services. The goal of the seed fund is to help companies and utilities start using Stellar.

In addition to providing financial support to emerging companies (such as COINQVEST), seed funds have brought numerous benefits to participants.Importantly, for COINQVEST, it won the smaller Stellar Community Fund a year ago, which allowed them to get EU Encrypted Payment Processing License.

COINQVEST co-founder Stefan Schneider said: “We are getting more and more attention, which also means to be able to demonstrate our advantages and practical functions as a digital currency/stable coin payment provider. We are very grateful for the opportunity to become a member of the seed fund. For Those who build projects on Stellar and want to take their projects to the next level, I cannot recommend them to participate.”

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