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As many as 30 cases of Indian coronavirus variants in Scotland

The Scottish National Clinical Director said there are currently about 20 to 30 cases of Indian coronavirus variants in Scotland.

The coronavirus variant B.1.617.2 first discovered in India has been designated by Public Health England (PHE) as a “variant of concern” because it is considered to be as transmissible as the variant detected in Kent last year, namely B117, Currently dominates in the UK.

PHE stated that there is currently “inadequate evidence” indicating that any variants recently discovered in India will cause more serious disease or reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine.

The Scottish National Clinical Director, Professor Jason Leitch, said that more information about the strain is being studied because he warned that a mutation that is worse than Kent “will make us back down.”

He told the BBC Radio Scotland’s “Good Morning Scotland” on Wednesday that 20 to 30 such variants were found in Scotland, and they exist in many places.

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