Cognitive blockchain invests in multi-chain computing network Cudos

Cudos is a multi-chain layer 2 solution that can provide Turing-complete calculations and external data for the blockchain. It was announced today that Cognitive Blockchain has made an equity investment in its parent company, Cudo, and will provide Cudo with expertise and help It is in the huge Chinese blockchain market.

“We are very grateful for the opportunity to have a strategic cooperation with Cognitive Blockchain. Their team, led by the managing partner Jenny Yue, immediately recognized our vision and has a profound understanding of the market opportunities we are filling and the technology stack we are building. Understanding. Opening the door to the Chinese market is critical to our growth strategy, and cognitive blockchain will help us succeed.”
-Pete Hill, Vice President of Sales, Cudos

Cognitive blockchain consists of a blockchain education platform and community clubs; and a venture capital plan. Cognitive blockchain’s venture capital focuses on long-term value investment in blockchain technology startups, and supports the long-term development of their investment projects and ecosystem construction.

“We believe that Cudos can bridge the gap between traditional cloud services and blockchain, provide a second-layer scaling solution and use idle computing power, which is expected to change the rules of the game in the web3 field. Cudos is positioned as the next-generation blockchain distribution The industry leader in computing networks. It will power completely decentralized and scalable computing solutions and will completely change the way in which computing power is applied and utilized. We are very happy to join Cudos as a network verifier and strategic partner. “
– Yes it isYue Ni, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Cognitive Blockchain

The Cudos network will enable anyone to sell or consume excessive computing resources through blockchain/smart contracts or through more traditional cloud computing APIs. The basic Cudo network has been under development since 2017 and is active with more than 150,000 users in more than 145 countries; including approximately 20,000 nodes that run various blockchains on the Cudo network and calculate workloads.

CUDOS tokens, the native assets of the network are now also available for exchange.

Token utility:

  • Committed to becoming a CUDOS validator node (CVN) and getting rewards;
  • Delegate benefits to support CVN;
  • MoE powers the CUDOS network;
  • And be eligible for general computer work qualifications and receive fee discounts.

All front-end software, management software, billing engine and other available functions of the network can be found in the following locations:

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