Chance to watch out for the Northern Lights tonight

If the conditions are right, the sun will spew out a bunch of particles, if tonight it is possible to produce the northern lights across Canada tonight.

Although there is no guarantee that the northern lights or northern lights will not be visible on any night even on any night when activity increases, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Forecast Center (SWPC) reported a strong geomagnetic storm on Wednesday. The only gain is that the whole day in Canada is daytime.

Sunspots are the cool areas of the sun. How many times appear on the surface of the sun depends on the cycle of the sun. Every 11 years, our star experiences a maximum and then a minimum (when the magnetic poles flip, the entire magnetic cycle of the sun is 22 years).

The sun is always active, but it experiences maximum and minimum values ??in an 11-year cycle. During the first peak period, activity increased and sunspots increased. The spots in these cooler areas have complex magnetic fields. When they become entangled, they release solar flares.

Usually, after these flares, a Coronary Mass Eject or CME, which is an explosion of fast-moving charged particles, If they hit the earth, they can interact with our magnetic field and produce the beautiful dancing lights we love. In this case, CME left the sun on May 9.

The range of the geomagnetic storm is Ratio of one to five. The storm on Wednesday afternoon was three o’clock. It may drop to two o’clock later in the evening.

How to see the northern lights

The Northern Lights cannot be guaranteed, but you can take steps to increase the chances.

The first thing you might want to do is to check how active the Aurora is. SWPC can measure storm intensity Kp index. A Kp index of 4 means that you are likely to be able to see the lights in the dark sky on the horizon (although in places such as Toronto and southern Ontario, this may be a bit difficult).

With a Kp index of 5 or higher, you have a better chance. As usual, in the event of any celestial event, try to go to a dark place. If you check the site from time to time, you may better understand your opportunities. Look north.

Kp reached 7 during the day on Wednesday. Hopefully it stays somewhere nearby, the ring-shaped aurora hole (traveling along the northern lights) tilts to the south so that it can be viewed at more southern latitudes.

Experienced Aurora Chaser Chris Ratzlaff helped manage the Alberta Aurora Chaser Facebook group, and he drew a visibility map of the Canadian Kp Index. (Submitted by Chris Razlav)

But it is important to remember that to make them visible, many things need to be queued, and there is no guarantee.

“There is a chance, but I won’t bet on this farm.” Alta’s experienced aurora chaser Chris Ratzlaff said. “Aurora can accomplish what aurora wants to do, but no one actually knows what it wants to do.”

However, if you go out tonight without a chance to see them, you can stay up all night under the stars.

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