Analyze the pros and cons of the Hawks’ 2021 schedule

The Philadelphia Eagles’ 2021 schedule has been determined, so now we will study the pros and cons of this year’s game in more depth. For quick reference, here is a snapshot of the Eagles schedule via Eagles’ Twitter account:

The advantages of this plan outweigh the disadvantages.


• The Hawks’ 2021 opponents have a combined record of 117-155 (0.430) in 2020, which makes them the easiest schedule in the NFL. Close behind is the Dallas Cowboys, whose 2021 opponents have a combined record of 122-148-2 (0.452) in 2020.

The following are the Hawks’ opponents and their 2020 record. I also continued and increased the spread.

week opponent 2020 records Spread
1 piece In the falcon 4-12 -18
2 pcs 49 people 6-10 -14
3 In cowboy 6-10 -78
4 Chief 14-2 +111
5 Leopard 5-11 -52
6 pirate 11-5 +137
7 Raiders 8-8 -44
8 In the lions club 5-11 -142
9 charger 7-9 -42
10 In the Broncos 5-11 -123
11 saint 12-4 +145
12 In the giant 6-10 -77
13 In jet 2-14 years old -214
14 Goodbye
15 football team 7-9 +6
16 giant 6-10 -77
17 On the football team 7-9 +6
18 years old cowboy 6-10 -78
All 117-155 -554

They only played three games with teams with a winning record in 2020, and only five games with teams with positive points.

The Eagles are fourth, so they are fourth among the 49ers, Lions and Jets. They may not attract ideal opponents in the 49ers, but the Lions and Jets may perform very badly in 2021. This year, other NFC Eastern teams have attracted the following floating opponents:

the end NFC East Team NFCW/NFCN/AFCE opponent
number 1 football team Sea eagle, baler, bill
Second place giant Rams, bears, dolphins
Third place cowboy Cardinal, Viking, Patriot
fourth place Eagles 49 people, lions, jets

• The Hawks will not face any team this season.

• Week 14 is a very late week. it is too late? If the Hawks are still looking for a division title, the goodbye week might be really helpful. If they were almost done by then, it would be too wasteful. We tend to arrange Goodbye Week as an advantage rather than a disadvantage. In any case, this is much better than picking it up earlier.

• Their Thursday night game (against Bucs, week 6) is a home game.

• In 2021, the Eagles have almost no long-distance travel, they only made 6 flights in nine road games, and the three flight destinations of Atlanta, Charlotte and Detroit were less than two hours. Even their only road preseason game was a jet ride on the NJ Turnpike. Surprisingly, in the last eight weeks of the season, the Eagles will not board the plane.

• The Eagles held two back-to-back road games in Las Vegas and Detroit in late October, and then played another back-to-back road game against the Giants and Jets (if you even call this trip better) Late November/early December. But they avoided three straight games, which is the main shortcoming that the timetable makers tried to avoid. For example, the Saints’ loss to the Eagles last season was the third of three consecutive games in New Orleans. The Saints didn’t look right in that game.

• For teams entering the playoffs, getting home games is a big advantage this season. For example, in 2018, the Eagles closed the road in Washington. Then they had to play on the roads of Chicago. Then they had to go to New Orleans. If they improve, they will go to Los Angeles. Obviously, we do not expect the Eagles to enter the playoffs in 2021, but if they do, then the 18th week of the game will not help.

• In Week 2, the 49ers must fly to the East Coast to play on Sunday at 1:00 PM.


• On the face of it, the first eight games of the season look tough, at least from the 2020 record, this is considered the easiest schedule in the NFL. The Hawks must be at the beginning of the season, while the Falcons have faltered in recent years. The Hawks’ biggest weakness (their second weakness) will have to face Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley and Kyle. · Pitts represented the Falcons offensively. .

Then they will face a pair of Niners and Cowboys. Both of these teams should perform much better than in 2020. Next is Chiefs Week 4, which is obviously going to be a very difficult game. The Hawks are likely to be at a disadvantage in the first four games.

Overall, they have played in five of the first eight games, and their home games are against the three teams that have played in the Super Bowl in the past two seasons.

Ideally, you want to get weaker opponents at the beginning of the season. Or better put it, you may hope to get a stronger opponent later in the season. why? Well, because the NFL is a league that relies heavily on hurting luck, it is easier to have an early good team than an early bad team becoming a late good team. Therefore, you’d better let the bad team early and the late team let the good team, because the good team may lose the quarterback or something like that.

Of course, if the Eagles can somehow maintain stability throughout the first half of the season, then the last six games of the season will be against the Eagles’ crazy NFC Eastern rivals and the Jets.

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