Tyson Fury tells “The Big Ugly Dosage Tracker” Anthony Joshua to “Come and Get Something”

Tyson Fury referred to Anthony Joshua as a “big ugly dose” after his competitors accused him of failing to reach an agreement on an undisputed dispute.

Olympic gold medalist AJ Going to social media, he said he was “tired”, waiting for them to announce that the heavyweight dust was flying, leading the Gypsy King to be expelled.

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Tyson Fury was hit by Anthony Joshua for being accused of their roundImage credit: Michelle Farsi/Game Room.
Unified heavyweight champion Joshua takes aim at Gypsy King on social media

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Unified heavyweight champion Joshua takes aim at Gypsy King on social mediaImage Credit: Instagram / @anthonyjoshua

The two agreed to an on-site transaction last month. The game will be held in Saudi Arabia in August.

Joshua Tweet When he told the WBC champion that he wanted to see “less talk and more action”, he was frustrated with this obstruction.

“Spartan” (Spartan), now 31 years old, targeting Gypsy King.

“I’m tired. My fans are tired. Your fans are tired. We all hate talking. Talk less, take more action!”

32-year-old Fury was repulsed comment: “Something, and then give you a big ugly dose? (You) (don’t say), don’t speak, don’t take any action.”

Angry fans immediately defended him, as a message said: “Man, he doesn’t want to fight with any minerals. You will end his career.”

Another commented: “Anthony Joshua is terrified of both Tyson Free and Tyon Wilder.

“He knows that anyone will destroy him. If this were not the case, then the battle would have been completed by now.”

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The third person urged anger: “Just sign a contract instead of chatting, and make your fans believe that you really want to fight.”

At the same time, one person simply said: “Then sign it and classify it. This is enough.”

Both Fury and AJ are training, and the match room promoter Eddie Hearn revealed that the match will be announced this week.

speak Boxing society After Canelo Alvarez defeated Billy Joe Saunders, he immediately said: “We are considering making some noise tonight.

“However, due to various broadcasters, I don’t think its decline will be too good.

“But I will tell you that this is 100% announced this week. Yes, I have said it several times.

“I’m better than this; in our Manchester show…oh my goodness, I’m going to be in it now.

“I think I can say with confidence! We had a good meeting with the governing body, and we confirmed this position with the governing body.

“I won’t say too much, but…”

Eddie Hearn confirms that the battle between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury is coming to an end

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