The 76ers sign Gary Clark’s two-person contract before the playoffs

Team officials confirmed to the Voice of Philadelphia on Tuesday afternoon that the 76ers have signed a two-way contract with Gary Clark. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski was the first to report this news.

Clark is a 26-year-old forward who played college games for Cincinatti. He entered the NBA with the Rockets for the first time in 2018. He took another photo with the 76ers when he was in Clark in Houston.

While in Houston, Clark was one of the many players in James Harden’s three creative events, and most of his work stagnated. To give you an idea of ??his usage during Houston, he shot 32.8% from the field in 2018-19, and in the following season this number dropped to only 78.9% in 2019-20. From the second season onwards, he was almost an average player in the league, although half of his time was spent with the Orlando Magic, where he stayed since he was removed from office in Houston at the beginning of January.

In the first round of last year’s playoffs, Clark briefly took the sun, scored three-quarters in Orlando’s surprising first game defeating the Bucks, and repeated the same feat in the fourth game. , This is part of the Magic’s double-digit loss. But his professional shooting statistics show more of his ability. Clark is an uneven shooter who occasionally becomes hot to help you swing the game.

It is worth noting that Clark was abstained by the Denver Nuggets on April 9 after joining the Aaron Gordon trade, which allowed Clark to maintain his playoff qualifications when other teams visited. Although in a normal season, this is not important for people who sign two-way trades-two-way players usually do not qualify for the playoffs-the league has approved a change that makes two-way players eligible for COVID-19 absorption this season. Part of the reforms affected by the epidemic. If needed, Clark will be able to adapt to the playoffs, although the final question is whether they need him.

Hope the answer is no. Theoretically speaking, Clark is a fourth player. He has the ability to deal with some bigger forwards, and when he finds himself open from the depths, he has a tendency to let them fly, but the result did not appear, he almost did Doing any action has been leading at this point in his career, playing at opposite ends of the expected range. He is only three-quarters of the body, mainly because he has not proven that he can do more at this level. Although no one should let Clark graze, but for the 26-year-old third-year player, his age is also a bit old, so if he persists after the end of this season, then the long-term upside may not exist.

However, if we compare him to Mason Jones, who was recently abandoned by Philadelphia to expand a second two-way seat, then Clark will at least bring some form of playoff experience (admittedly mainly from the bubble ), and may become hot in competitions or competitions. If you are lucky enough to win one of his outstanding games, there are two.In mid-May, it will be very difficult to find someone who can step in and play meaningful playing time any For a playoff team, let alone competitors, I would definitely consider Clark to be an upgrade, even if it is not a particularly meaningful upgrade.

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