Organizer of “anti-lock” rodeo charged with violating Alberta Health Act

Earlier this month, organizers of a rodeo event held in protest against provincial COVID-19 restrictions have been called to the venue for the event.

Ty Northcott posted a message on his Facebook page on Tuesday, and officials on Monday provided him with a paper on his role in the May 1-2 event, which he called “No More Lock the rodeo competition”.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police confirmed to CBC News that the Mounted Police provided Ty and Gail Northcott with documents on behalf of the Alberta Health Service and asked them to appear in Red Deer Provincial Court on May 17.

According to Article 73(1) of the Public Health Act, they are accused of tort.

In a statement to CBC News, AHS stated that its officials worked with Bowden Agricultural Association, Red Deer County and Olds RCMP to confirm that the rodeo event violated the order of the Chief Health Officer of Alberta.

So far, the incident has not caused COVID-19. AHS pointed out that it may take up to 14 days after exposure to show symptoms.

AHS spokesperson Kerry Williamson said in the statement: “In some cases, symptoms may be mild and individuals may not seek testing for COVID-19. COVID-19 may also spread asymptomatic, and individuals may not know they are spreading. Virus.”.

The “anti-lock” event held on private land along the 2A Highway 30 kilometers south of Red Deer City attracted hundreds of spectators, most of whom did not wear masks.

The rodeo was severely condemned by the prime minister

Participants at the event told CBC News that they believed the pandemic was a “scam” and COVID-19 was a non-serious “flu.”

The rodeo was severely condemned by Prime Minister Jason Kenney, who said that the selfish behavior of the participants made him angry.

Kenny said: “Rodeo celebrates Alberta’s western heritage, and a key part of it is our community spirit and looking for others, especially the disadvantaged.”

“This is the opposite of what these people are doing.”

Bowden Mayor Robb Stuart (Robb Stuart) said that people who violated health restrictions at the rodeo outside his town should be held accountable.

Watch | Alberta rodeo performers ignore public health orders:

Despite the restrictions on gatherings in Alberta, hundreds of people still ignored the rules of the protests, even rodeos. At the same time, Prime Minister Jason Kenney faced calls for more action because he suspended the work of the provincial assembly. 3:22

Kelly Chantel, the media liaison of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, said that no further allegations caused by rodeos are currently being considered.

As of Monday, Alberta has The number of effective cases is 25,438, which is the country with the highest rate of active cases per capita in all provinces and regions.Provincial Report There were 1597 new COVID-19 cases on Monday and another 7 deaths from the disease.

Have There are 690 COVID-19 patients hospitalized, of which 158 are intensive care patients.

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