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Enya, the provider of the privacy-preserving computing software framework, and OMG Network, the provider of the expansion of Ethereum, announced today the public testnet of OMGX. OMGX is a second-tier platform that supports smart contracts compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Token mortgage and simplified cross-chain liquidity.

OMGX is the result of research on rapid cross-chain liquidity and new mortgage capabilities through the open source Optimistic Rollup platform developed by Enya and OMG Network. Optimistic People’s Bank of China, Enabling DeFi and NFT projects to scale up more cost-effectively and at the same time provide a smoother user experience.

The Enya team laid the foundation for OMGX not only to extend Ethereum, but also to expand it by enabling developers to perform complex and verifiable calculations off-chain. This allows smart contracts to utilize complex algorithms such as machine learning classifiers and Enya’s privacy protection matching technology.

Alan Chiu Chiu, CEO and co-founder of Enya, said: “We are delighted to help create a more inclusive Ethereum ecosystem through OMGX by reducing the barriers to adoption by users and developers.” OMGX is moving towards respecting personal privacy An important step towards a more open financial system. “

With OMGX, Enya is developing the OMG network to enable more cost-effective deployment and execution of Ethereum smart contracts, and to extend its capabilities through complex calculations that are not possible in today’s decentralized applications (dApps). New developers and project teams who have deployed smart contracts on Ethereum can start migrating to the OMGX public testnet today.

OMGX’s dedicated onboarding team will Assist the developer To ensure a smooth transition. In addition, OMGX will provide opportunities for community participation in providing liquidity and operating networks in exchange for certain rewards.

Clement Ip, a partner at Genesis Block Ventures (GBV), the parent company of OMG Network, said: “We are very excited about OMGX’s vision, which brings us back to OMG’s core mission of expanding Ethereum.” “Able to expand. dApps At the same time providing compelling tokenomics and incentives means the world to us. We are very grateful to the community for bringing Ethereum to today. Both OMG and the future of ETH expansion have maintained a good relationship with Enya. “

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