Great white shark swimming along the coast of Jersey

The female great white shark Andromache returned to New Jersey this week after she was spotted swimming off the coast last fall.

According to the non-profit marine research organization, the 10-foot-8-inch shark returned to the Jersey Shore of Cape Town last Saturday, when it conducted four explorations off the coast of Cape May County. October.

The shark was spotted off the coast of Atlantic City on Sunday morning, and then headed north to Boracay and Barnegat Bay in Ocean County on Monday morning. The shark’s most recent tinkling was registered at 11:30 a.m. on Monday, and she has traveled a total of 49 miles in the past 72 hours.

According to Oceanch, when the global positioning tag on the shark’s dorsal fin breaks the surface of the water long enough for the satellite to receive, it will make a ping sound. Since 2007, the organization has been marking sharks.

Last August, Andromache was tagged for the first time near the coast of Cape Cod, the northernmost point of great white shark travel.

Since then, Andromache has driven more than 5,000 miles along the eastern coast of the United States in the past 165 days. Last October, she made her first appearance off the coast of New Jersey, when she patrolled the nearby Island Beach State Park (Island Beach State Park).

Last November, Andromache walked south to the coast of Cape Canaveral, Florida, and has been heading north for the past six months.

According to her size, Andromache is an adult female great white shark, which means she has not fully grown up. Adult great white sharks are usually 15 feet long and weigh up to 5,000 pounds.

Her name comes from the Greek character Andromache and is described as a symbol of motherhood, strength and courage.

An adult female The great white shark is called Miss Mei There was a ping sound while swimming from the coast in Atlantic City last summer.

Since February 2019, Oceanarch has spotted this 10-foot-long, 200-pound shark for the first time. The shark was originally found on the east coast of Florida. Her latest ping record was on the shore near Ponte Vedra Beach last Saturday.

For the past two years, Miss May has been traveling up and down the eastern coastal areas, extending north to Cape Cod and south to West Palm Beach.She spent two summers ago Swimming along the coast in Cape May County.

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