Fred West digs into the latest updates

COPS is digging under a cafe today, hoping to find the body of a female student murdered by serial killer Fred West.

Mary Bastholm, 15, was waiting for someone in Gloucester on January 6, 1968 when she disappeared while waiting for a bus to see her boyfriend.

Although she never saw her again and found her body, the police believed that she was likely to be picked up by a serial killer. Fred West Then murdered

Sadly, her parents died before they found out what happened to their daughter.

but Today’s Sun Exclusive Disclosure In the “extraordinary development” 26 years after West committed suicide, The police are digging the basement of the Clean Plate Café in Gloucester, where Mary works as a waiter.

The police warned that the search was initiated after the “recent discovery” and may take “several weeks”.

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  • Horror clues

    Leo Goatley believes that she met West two years earlier than previously thought, and could lure them into their car while Mary was waiting at the bus stop.

    The police also found a small silver box pendant on a chain at the residence at 25 Cromwell Street in the West End. The family believed that the pendant belonged to Mary.

  • No trace

    Mary’s heartbroken family who learned the latest news previously urged Roswest to tell them the whereabouts of the missing teenager.

    The serial killer’s own lawyer suggested in 2019 that she might be an accomplice in Mary’s disappearance.

  • Move slowly

    The police warned that the search was initiated after the “recent discovery” and may take “several weeks”.

    Assistant Chief Police Officer Craig Holden (Craig Holden) said: “This is a major development. Over the years, the case has attracted widespread public attention.

    “Based on the information provided to us, we believe this is new and possibly important evidence for Mary Pastham, but further detailed evaluation will be conducted in the next few days to determine the level of excavation .

    “The police have always said that any new evidence will be reviewed. This has already happened and a targeted and proportional investigation will now be conducted.”

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