Canada asks U.S. courts to stop Michigan from shutting down Line 5 pipeline

The federal government asked the U.S. court to stop Michigan from shutting down the pipeline that supplies fuel to most parts of Ontario and Quebec.

The Minister of Natural Resources Seamus O’Regan today filed court documents against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s attempt to close the pipeline. Whitmer has been giving Calgary-based Enbridge Inc. to close Line 5 until Wednesday-the company said it has no plans to comply.

Oregan said in a statement: “Line 5 is vital to our energy security.”

“This profile supports the ongoing mediation between Enbridge and Michigan, emphasizes that Line 5 is a vital energy and economic link between Canada and the United States, and expresses Canada’s belief that the U.S. Federal Court is The appropriate jurisdiction to hear this case lies between Michigan and Embrich.”

Route 5 from Superior, Wisconsin to Sarnia, Ontario, traverses Michigan and across the Great Lakes under the Mackinac Strait, which connects Lake Michigan with Lake Huron.

Whitmer tried to close the pipeline out of fear of possible oil spills.

Negotiations ordered by the court are ongoing; the two parties are scheduled to meet again on May 18, a few days after the deadline set by Whitmer.

The pipeline transports approximately 540,000 barrels of Canadian crude oil and other petroleum products from Wisconsin and Michigan to Sarnia every day, accounting for nearly half of the supply of light crude oil, light synthetic crude oil and natural gas liquids in Ontario and Quebec.

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