British Coronavirus News-Thanks to vaccines and combined antibody tests, thousands of hungry British people have had sex since May 17

Spain, Greece and France are all on the next green list

European holiday hot spots Spain, Greece and France may miss the next green list update, although they hope to add them in time for the summer.

After the Minister of Transport Grant Schapps announced that the British could finally get their support, Booked a holiday abroad -But the list in the green list area is very short.

They include Israel, Singapore, Portugal, Falkland Islands, Ascension, St. Helena, Tristan da Cunha, Gibraltar, Faroe Islands, Iceland and Brunei.

As well as New Zealand and Australia Also on the list -But they have their own entry requirements and it is currently not possible to allow tourists to enter.

Since France, Greece and Spain have not yet been included in the green list, I hope they can be added from June 7th, but due to their own Covid and vaccine conditions, they are likely to miss July or even August.

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