Blockchain infrastructure company InfStones will support Eth2 for imToken wallet

Blockchain infrastructure provider Infinity Stones announces cooperation with cryptocurrency imToken Ethereum-based token wallet application, To provide support for Eth2 staking service in the wallet.

imToken users will be able to deposit ETH for Eth2 directly in their wallets to receive ETH rewards. In addition, users can confirm the status, balance, performance and profitability of the validator in their wallet at any time; independently participate in the maintenance of the Eth2 network, which provides approximately 8.5% equity.

“We are very happy to work with InfStones to bring this option to our wallet users. They are an excellent infrastructure provider that provides 32ETH SaaS capabilities. They have a long track record of security and professionalism.”
– Ben He, founder and CEO of imToken

Most importantly, InfStones will provide support for all validator nodes created by imToken wallet users. And take responsibility for its safe and stable operation.

“InfStones is committed to removing traditional barriers. Our partnership with imToken will provide users with more access rights, so that customers can directly mortgage ETH for Eth2. This is a good habit. It allows millions of users to directly use enterprise-level Infrastructure services. The combination of imToken’s advanced key management tools and InfStones’ unparalleled infrastructure services is by far the best Eth2 mortgage solution on the market.”
– Founder and CEO of InfStones, Zhenwu Shi

It is worth noting that this service represents one of the earliest Eth2 mortgage products in the wallet. InfStones will bring the same level of Node management They have brought infrastructure and support to some prominent figures in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, including Binance, BitGo, and Circle.

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