Bitcoin Latest News-With the price surge and the price of Ethereum exceeding $4,000, the cryptocurrency Shiba Inu can now rival Dogecoin

MILEY CYRUS said she didn’t understand DOGECOIN

Elon Musk may call herself “Doefefather”, but his SNL guest music guest Miley Cyrus knows nothing about Dogecoin.

The 28-year-old singer shared her tweet of practicing scales before the live show on Saturday Night-and mocked the complexity of cryptocurrency.

Virtual “money” starts at Network imitation According to CNN, it has become a legal digital currency as early as 7 years ago.

Australian marketer Jackson Palmer joked about combining cryptocurrency and Doge meme in 2013, but this joke has become a reality: its market value has now exceeded 17 billion Australian dollars.

Dogecoin is just one Digital coin According to CNET, there are photos of dogs on it. That dog is the subject of the Shibe Internet meme, with an “inner monologue” containing phrases such as “so scared”, “very noble” and “wow”.

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