Attorney General apologizes for COVID-19 “disaster” Facebook speech

Alberta Attorney General Kaycee Madu (Kaycee Madu) apologized for comments on Facebook on Tuesday, accusing Ottawa, the media and the NDP opposition of causing a medical disaster due to the surge in CoVID-19 cases.

Madu, a Conservative MLA in the southwestern region of Edmonton, apologized on Twitter a day after his press secretary told the media that the minister had no regrets.

He wrote: “I want to apologize for my recent comments on my personal Facebook account.”

“Alberta is facing an unprecedented public health crisis. My comment is wrong because all Canadians want to end this global pandemic as soon as possible.

“I fully support the Prime Minister’s recent call to avoid disagreement on political rhetoric during the final stages of this pandemic and to continue the government’s important work in protecting Alberta from this virus.”

Apologized the day after Madu’s comments were made public. They were posted in the comments section of another user’s Facebook page last Friday.

Madu wrote that his government needs to adopt stricter public health measures, or risk keeping Albertans “on the scene and in temporary hospitals, breathing heavily because we have [run] Insufficient ventilators, manpower, etc. “

He wrote: “My view is that it is irresponsible just waiting for a disaster on our hands.” “This is what the New Democratic Party, the media and the Federal Liberal Party have been looking for and want. We simply don’t allow it. This kind of thing happens.”

When asked about his minister’s speech on Monday, press secretary Blaise Boehmer doubled that Madu would not condemn the “excessive and inflammatory speech” of the opposition of the New Democratic Party. apologize.

‘it’s a shame’

The provincial New Democratic Party stated that Madu’s comments were wrong. Opposition leader Rachel Notley and her caucus have been saying for months that Prime Minister Jason Kenney and his cabinet did not take sufficient measures to curb COVID-19 cases. increase.

Earlier on Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau criticized Madu for spreading misinformation and using the pandemic to score political points.

Watches | Trudeau, Kenney responds to comments from Alberta Attorney General

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said it was “shameful” that the Alberta Attorney General had accused Ottawa, and the opposition and the media wanted the outcome of COVID-19 to be worse. 2:10

Trudeau said: “It’s a shame to see people accusing, accusing and suggesting that anyone in Canada wants to survive this pandemic as safely as possible around the world.”

He said: “I think that playing politics at this moment is not what Canadians want to see.”

When asked about the attorney general’s comments a few hours later, Kenny said he had not seen the Facebook post. He said he would talk to Madu.

Kenny said: “The COVID makes us say things that we regret many times.”

“And I just encourage everyone, no matter where they are, they are now trying to rest each other.”

Madu is a professional lawyer who was elected for the first time in the April 2019 election for judicial assistance in the southwestern region of Edmonton. He is the only UCP member in the Legislative Assembly of the City of Edmonton, which is run by the New Democratic Party.

Madu initially served as Minister of Municipal Affairs and then began to lead the Ministry of Justice in August 2020.

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