Alons is expected to replace Bellerin’s exclusive rights, Kamaviga’s £50 million price has become the number one transfer target, and Smith Rowe offers Arsenal a “new deal”

Critical art

In a bad season, Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta responded to all the criticism the club had received from former players, fans and the media.

Artata said: “I think everyone has the right to express their opinions, and when they have the opportunity to do so, they must say how they feel.

“Again, I have nothing to say. I can’t control it. If you ask me what I want to have in the team and everything related to the football club, it is that we have a spirit of unity and stability. But, if not this In this case, there is nothing I can do.

“They have the right to express their opinions. The only way I can prove it is to make a team perform well on the court and make them proud. This is the only thing I can do. The only thing I can judge is that I can Do it. Create the necessary environment for the top elite team to participate in higher-level competition and keep everyone in the best condition?

“After that, will I get the best from the players I have? No matter what the level, I can get the best choice. This is how I judge myself and ultimately how I feel in the outside world., I How it will be judged depends only on the result, nothing more.

“The great work we have done in the past, in the past and in the process…it doesn’t matter. This is just what you get from it on the court”

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