After the unforgettable season, pilots with poor results won 10 awards


It turned out to be a frustration in 56 games. The Philadelphia Flyers season ended on Monday with a 4-2 victory over the New Jersey Devils. Since the end of March, despite the optimism at the beginning, in most cases, fans have been waiting to close the book of the season.

Thanks to unreliable goalkeepers, poor defense, and an ineffective special team, the Flyers’ season has gradually fallen into a trough, erasing all the team’s establishment after the restoration of the 2019-20 season and the first phase of the entire campaign. Good situation.

After officially appearing in the rearview mirror this season, it is necessary to distribute some “rewards” as a way to succumb to this difficult season (hours/ton) Jimmy Kempski format):

“Is this still happening?” Reward: Penalty kick

*Tap microphone*

This season the trapeze suffered a terrible loss in penalty shootouts.

In the top 10 units, when a man is knocked down, the pilot looks completely lost (it doesn’t look better when a man has the advantage). Between the loss of a shrewd penalty killer Matt Niskanen (Matt Niskanen) and the poor performance of the goalkeeper, when a man fell for a two-minute defense, the Skywatcher couldn’t get out of the predicament.

“Wrong Decisions” Award: Erik Gustaffson

General manager Chuck Fletcher didn’t take much action last offseason. However, the acquisition worth mentioning is Erik Gustaffson.

It is safe to say that the project failed. Before the trade deadline, Fletcher moved on from the fancy defender. Gustaffon has only 24 games in his flying career. Fletcher will need to make some better decisions this summer.

“Men in Black Eraser” Award: Carter Hart

Did you know that Smith and Tommy Lee Jones (Tommy Lee Jones) would take out a Neuralyzer pen to guard against unsuspecting people in the film noir “Men”, and their thoughts were instantly erased?

Let’s choose one of them and use it to fight Carter Hart. After a terrible 2021 election campaign (September 11 to 5, GAA was 3.67, saving percentage was 8.877), it is best for the organization to reset Hart’s mentality and get the 22-year-old netminder back to him The previous state. First of all, Hart entered the offseason ahead of the season that ended the MCL sprain and recovered.

“Mephisto” Award: Nolan Patrick

Okay, please wait patiently for me, because there was a nerd alert. Anyone who has watched the Disney+ “WandaVision” series and took the time to read social media gossip knows that Mephisto is one of Scarlet Witch’s biggest enemies and the person fans want to see in the series. Fans have been waiting for his arrival until he will never show up, and every episode is a “this must be the moment” moment.

That is Nolan Patrick-this season and his career. In 52 games, the former second pick only scored 9 points, and retroactively to March 29, only 2 points, lasted 19 games.

“Taylor Swift Revenge” Award: Shayne Gostisbehere

At the end of March, the Flyer chose to abandon Shayne Gostisbehere and exposed him to any franchise rights he was willing to take on the contract. After the fans shouted, he cleared the abstentions and eventually returned to orange and black.

Since then, Ghost has turned “Bad Blood” into 9 points (4 G, 5 A) from April, playing with fire under him. During this period, only the other three defenders scored more goals than Gostis. That may well be his final chapter in Philadelphia, but it does give him a chance to take some sweet revenge on the management before being laid off.

In the last two months of the season, he even added some highlights to his highlights.

“Did it really happen?” Award: March

Let us not discuss this too much. Unfortunately, we all know the details.

Historically, this is one of the worst months in history. For any team that has a 6-10-1 record and allows an astonishing 75 goals, this is a record low. . They entered the highest percentage of points in the Eastern Conference this month, only to find themselves caught in the playoffs, with embarrassing losses piled up, including the final 6-1 loss, which ended Buffalo’s 18-game losing streak at the time.

Maybe we can ask Hart to borrow “Men” written with a black marker and forget this month.

“The old man still rules” award: Claude Giroux and the company

For the franchise to sell its prospects, the burden of Flyers’ weak season cannot be placed on the shoulders of veterans.

The top three producers this season are all over the age of 32-Jack Wolasik (43 years old), James Van Rimsdijk (43 years old) and Claude Giroux (43 year old). Although not old, the 28-year-old Sean Couturier (Sean Couturier) played for 10 seasons in the NHL, but ranked fourth in the team in scoring. Van Rimsdijk and Volahic are likely to play this summer, which means that the pace of changing guards may be very fast.

“One Way Ticket” Award: James van Riemsdyk (James van Riemsdyk)

Although it remains to be determined, all signs indicate that James van Riemsdyk was selected by the NHL’s 31st team, Seattle Kraken.

In terms of its value, the New Jersey native proposed a solid season, even though the beginning of the season was much stronger than at the end. His second rematch with Philly will end, and a good contract (win!) will follow.

“Perseverance” Award: Wade Allison

Wade Allison is one of the few reasons fans have any reason to cheer at the end of the season, apart from seeing Gritty on the giant spaceship. The West Michigan forward made his NHL debut on April 15 and scored his first goal in the subsequent game.

In his 14 game auditions next season, the 2016 second-round pick scored 7 points from 4 goals, including his two goals in the penultimate game of the season. In addition to showing offensive skills, Alison always seems to be in the right position, and with enough courage to truly show his potential as a productive NHL forward.

“Bad Things Happened in Philadelphia” Award: The entire organization

As Jason Kelce said: “This is the whole damn team!” Okay, maybe there are a few highlights-Joel Farabee and Allison to name just two-but that’s all .

This is a topic that fans of the season will soon want to forget and never want to talk about. After the end of last season, the Flyers won the first-seeded round-robin championship. Coupled with the rapid start of the sport, seeing the final result in 2021 proved that something bad really happened in the city of brotherly love.

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