The latest news from the UK coronavirus – Boris Johnson said that restrictions will be lifted on May 17, but the date on June 21 will not be advanced

BORIS Johnson has confirmed that Covid restrictions will be further relaxed on May 17.

The Prime Minister finally announced that the BritishAfter months of social distancing, you can hug family and friends next week.

The Prime Minister laid down rules for hugging relatives and attending weddings and funerals yesterday.

He told the country to use its “personal judgment” and “common sense” when embracing good friends and family after May 17.

Johnson does not seem to rule out the early end of Covid-19 restrictions in England. He said that the success of the road map for the Covid-19 blockade in England depends on the phase of leaving space.

When asked if he can lift the final phase of his road map ahead of June 21, Johnson said: “I think we should proceed with caution, which is very important.”

“So far, we believe that the secret of success is that we have been guided by data and spent some time observing the impact of each subsequent stage on the roadmap.”

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