The Brit Awards pay tribute to the murderer and producer Phil Spector (Phil Spector)

The British Awards paid tribute to the convicted killer Phil Spector on its memorial page.

Due to Covid complications, the producer of Wall Of Sound passed away early this year at the age of 81.


Phil Spector is remembered by the Brit AwardsCredit: AP

He was sentenced to 19 years in prison for the murder of Kuwait. Lana Clarkson.

In 2003, he fatally shot the actress in the mouth, but he remained faithful until 2009.

In the live performance on Tuesday night, there will be no “commemorative events” section, but the boss decided to include him on the website.

Jack Whitehall hosts the show


Jack Whitehall hosts the showCredit: Getty

His compliment read: “The American record producer, songwriter and creator of the iconic “Wall of Sound”, his conviction for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson will also be remembered.

“Spector has collaborated with many celebrities including the Beatles, and has worked as a band to produce “Let it Be and Imagine”, “Brothers of Justice”, Leonard Cohen and “Ronettes”.”

Tuesday night’s performance is part of the government’s “Event Research Program”, which studies the risk of illness. Coronavirus disease Disseminate in public events to find ways to protect them safely-so the British can set a precedent for all upcoming indoor British music performances.

The performance at the London O2 Arena is part of the government activities research program
The performance at the London O2 Arena is part of the government activities research program

It will see some prominent figures in the music industry, including Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift), who will receive the “Global Idol Award”, which is awarded to stars whose music has had a profound impact on British culture.

In the past few years, nearly 20,000 people will pack O2, but this year the crowd is even more limited.

Among the only 4,000 tickets provided, the organizers distributed 2,500 tickets to the main staff who participated in the voting free of charge. These votes were created on a dedicated website in just five days. Successful participants will receive their own Tickets and a guest.

On the floor, there are far fewer seats for artists and nominees to sit at the table, although drinking and snacking are usually free.

Although nominees are usually surrounded by assistants and relatives, each person can only sit at a table with one person this year, so there are only two people on most tables.

The Brit Awards will be broadcast on ITV at 8pm tonight

Jack Whitehall stated that the British will be better than ever when compared with key figures rather than “music industry executives and millionaires.”

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