Smartlink raised $3 million to build a custodial payment ecosystem powered by Tezos»CryptoNinjas

Smartlink raised $3 million to build a custodial payment ecosystem powered by Tezos»CryptoNinjas



Smartlink, the builder of decentralized custodial services on Tezos, announced today that it has raised $3 million through private and public token sales. During the pre-sale process, the Tezos-powered platform reached a soft cap of $500,000 in less than 2 minutes, was oversubscribed by 3 times, and reached the hard cap within 48 hours after launch.

Smartlink launched the pre-sale on April 29, setting the target soft cap at 500,000 US dollars, and the price of each SMAK token (Smartlink’s native FA1.2 token) is 0.007 US dollars. The pre-sale was sold out in 1 minute and 50 seconds. The second phase of the public token issuance was launched on May 5, 2021, and the price of each token was $0.010, witnessing similar interest, completing the transaction at a price of $2 million within 48 hours.

Trust as a service

The Smartlink platform provides “as-a-service” services through its enforceable managed smart contract. Smartlink users can choose a customizable smart contract agreement to determine the terms of the transaction, and then automatically execute it when the basic conditions of the transaction are met.

“Smartlink provides a Web3 experience for buyers and sellers, enabling them to quickly initiate one-to-one transactions on the platform at a lower cost and reap the rewards. Smartlink will not retain their funds and will decentralize the process.”
– Smartlink CEO Ben Constanty

In addition to its custodial smart contract solution, Smartlink plans to launch a custodial service. Decentralized market This will allow anyone to buy and sell crypto assets. The current crypto market lacks a modern market for cryptocurrency users. The Smartlink ecosystem will be the home of high-value items, professional services, NFTs, in-game assets, over-the-counter markets, and fundraising solutions.

Smartlink is built on the Tezos blockchain, which is one of the most secure blockchains Blockchain network Supports the formal verification of smart contracts. The high transaction speed, reliable PoS consensus algorithm and extremely low gas fees make Tezos an ideal platform for the Smartlink project. Smartlink hosting modules and markets already exist Live Tezos testnet for developers Check with users.


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