John McMullen (John McMullen): The third seems to be the frightening proposition of the Hawks’ defense

Last week, when I asked Barrett Brooks about the Hawks’ defense seven, the big man reached out to his desk and picked up a bottle of TUMS.

Brooks is a former offensive forward for the Eagles and now serves the team as an analyst for NBC Sports Philadelphia, and he has not given any free plugs. He heralded the need for an antacid to relieve stomach acid.

Brooks joked: “When I watch the game, I have to bring TUMS, because I will get sick in the third year.”

With the exception of Darius Slay, the last seven of the Hawks certainly look like the obvious weakness of the team, and previous improvements have allowed two former Jonathan Gannon students to get from Minnesota A one-year contract: safety Anthony Harris (Anthony Harris) and guard Eric Wilson (Eric Wilson).

“[Darius} Slay’s a good player,” a former AFC personnel executive told “Where are the difference-makers? Harris can make plays on the ball with a [pass] hurry. Wilson is a 20-point scorer for a bad NBA team. “

For many things about the Hawks defensive coordinator change, the highly regarded Jim Schwartz was replaced by a rising star in the Gannon industry.

Many people in the league believe that Philadelphia will actually be a weighing station on the way for the 38-year-old Cannon to his head coach’s final exit. This is the “Eagle’s defensive road”, as an Eagles source stated. Say.

Throughout the league, this is similar to the publicity of the new Los Angeles Chargers coach Brandon Staley, who is actually McVay’s Rams (DC) and Rams (Rams). And was replacing Doug Pederson with the Eagles on the radar, then succumbed when LAC promised.

Without exaggeration, the only way for Gannon to reshape Philadelphia defensive football is for rookie DC to form a unit that far exceeds the sum of its parts, just like Schwartz had expected to do offense, offense, and pre-defense in the organization requested by the owner. Offense can even enter the syllabus.

If the Eagles have to play today (luckily, they didn’t play), Craig James, who played less often, could play against Slay at CB, while Evant Maddox returned to the slot machine. The two three-shot LBs will be Wilson and Alex Singleton, while the second-year man K’Von Wallace was thrown deep into the swimming pool opposite Harris, and Rodney McLeod continued to recover from the ACL in December last year.

The rookie fourth-round Texas Tech product Zech McPhearson and the sixth-round LSU hybrid JaCoby Stevens need to be responsible.

Like Schwartz, Cannon will build on Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham, Javon Hargrave, Derek Barnett and Josh Shandt from start to finish His defensive system and steady passing and sprints made the last seven look better.

Former hawkish scout Daniel Jeremiah pointed out: “When you look at defense with the Colts, you go back to that plan and go back to the present. That plan depends more on the front line than on the screen. “

However, by default, instead of having many high 9 wide screens backed by a single-height appearance, you may see a sports front with more Cover-2 and Cover-3 appearances to protect the undefended backcourt.

So far, the most obvious shortcoming of the Eagles offseason is the failure to provide a lot of help on CB, and another pair of shoes will drop at some point, whether in the third phase of the free agent agent program or in the trading market Above, Howie Roseman has already hinted at this. .

“I know we also need a corner in 2017,” Eagles general manager said. “We arrived in August, we had a preseason game in Green Bay, Wisconsin, we traded with Buffalo Bills and got a corner kick. [Ronald Darby] This helped us win the Super Bowl. “

Rothman essentially confirmed that another corpse was coming at some point this time.

He explained: “We have experience in delaying the process,” in the same year, we needed to back down before the transaction deadline, and we made the transaction before the transaction deadline. I assure you and the fans that we will do everything we can to improve the roster at any time of the year. “

It doesn’t hurt to see McPherson’s position in the upcoming rookie training camp, but expect Penn State’s transfer to be led by Amali Cooper, Sidi Lamb, and Kenny Gurley. Dee and Terry McLaughlin started when WR’s first department operated. Top ten picks such as JayCee Horn and Patrick Surtain.

Rothman is a polarizing prospect. Some personnel evaluators are in the top 100, while others list him as a priority free agent. Rothman claims that McPhearson is busy considering replacing him in the third round. Start his sales.

When talking about the 84th pick, Rothman moved up in the first round of the trade to get DeVonta Smith (DeVonta Smith) said: “We considered going back because we have Zech McPhearson.” “We want to get it.” He is because he is a player, not because he is a corner kick, and we need a corner kick.”

McPhearson is still on the board, but after nearly 40 draft picks, the Eagles jumped.

Andy Weidl, the vice president of player personnel, said: “The way (McPherson) fell to us was excellent.” “…We like him. His versatility, the ability to play outside, The ability to play in it, his skills (and) football knowledge.”

Now, it is up to CB-qualified coach Gannon to decide to speed up McPhearson and many other defective options through the start-up costs included in Schwart.

For this reason, the ruler may only be how much TUMS Brooks needs to complete.

“[The Eagles] Brooks speculated to his predecessor team that we even need someone to fight against the receiver with the 2nd width, let alone the 1st broadband.

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