In the 18-year dispute between Alastair Campbell joining Good Morning UK and Piers Morgan

They are known for their straightforward insights and radio programs.

So it’s no wonder that Piers Morgan and Alastair Campbell have met more often over the years than you might think.


Alastair Campbell and Piers Morgan have a long historyCredit: Rex

When Pierce’s old opponent took a place in the Good Morning Britain, their 18-year dispute was rekindled.

Alastair and his debut this morning Susanna, Piers’ former TV wife, immediately split the audience.

This is not the first time Tony Blair’s former right man Alastair followed in Piers’ footsteps.

In fact, their careers have been entangled for nearly thirty years. Piers became the editor of World News. In the same year, Alastair started working for Tony Blair.

Piers Morgan often clashed with former labor spinning doctors


Piers Morgan often clashed with former labor spinning doctorsCredit: ITV

Since then, journalists and Labor Self-Defense Doctors have clashed many times-the most famous being the 2003 Iraq War.

Their fierce competition was even scheduled for a sports relief boxing match last year, but Pierce withdrew from the match.

He said in March 2020: “I think carefully, if I want to kill Alastair Campbell in the boxing ring, is this a good thing or a bad thing for career development?

“I am honest. I decided to spare no effort to save Alastair Campbell’s life.

They fought playfully on TV-and there were fierce quarrels


They fought playfully on TV-and there were fierce quarrelsCredit: ITV

“He endured a lot. He will stay there with cardboard cutouts on Sports Relief Day.”

Tony Blair’s former right manWhen Alastair took over an interview with men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine GQ, he first found Piers in a job.

Now, this week, he is introducing “Good Morning Britain” to a guest-a few months later The dock suddenly exits Refused to apologize for his comment Meghan Markle.

this week Piers warned Alastair not to listen to breakfast show advice When GMB tweeted: “We can’t wait to have a heated debate, don’t back down!”

They should have participated in a charity boxing match


They should have participated in a charity boxing matchCredit: ITV

Written in his MailOnline Pierce said in the column: “Given my way of leaving, this seems extremely unwise advice…

“I have known Donkey for several years, and despite numerous failures, Alastair has been getting along well with him.

“He is also a well-trained and experienced journalist, and I think every news host should be like this. Therefore, I wish him all the best.

“But forgive me, because I had to leave the show and refused to apologize because I did not believe in Princess Pinocchio’s pork pie, but now I am replaced by someone who has never apologized for starting an illegal war against us More than one million lives.”

As early as October 2019, Good Morning Britain is relegated to a brutal language game Between Piers and Alastair during the Iraq War Bressy.

The two publicly scrapped in front of the live audience in 2018


The two publicly scrapped in front of the live audience in 2018Credit: ITV

Moderator Piers told Remainer Alastair to keep the UK in the EU: “David Cameron made it clear-this will involve leaving the single market and customs union, and there will be no second vote… this idea It makes 17.5 million people too thick, they have never heard of such an insult.”

But Alastair shot back: “When did I say that? No one voted for it. Terrible! “

The debate soon fell into chaos, and he shouted: “Pyers, shut up for a second! For the sake of God, Pierce, don’t be foolish!”

Good morning Britain descends into the fiery ranks


Good morning Britain descends into the fiery ranksCredit: ITV

Pusanna tried to fight, telling them both to “keep calm,” but to no avail.

“Both sides, stop yelling at each other like Alpha males!” She became angry. “You two, please be quiet!”

However, this kind of argument later extended to the realm of the Iraq War. Pierce said to Alastair: “You never voted for those people! The Iraq War killed a million people… History is really important.”

The remaining activists rushed: “For you, the most important thing is that your own voice is roaring!”

Alastair and Susanna Reid this morning


Alastair and Susanna Reid this morningCredit: ITV
Pierce resigned earlier this year to become Susanna's co-host


Pierce resigned earlier this year to become Susanna’s co-hostCredit: ITV

Despite their quarreling over the years, some people suggested that they liked each other instead of making people believe.

Alastair said frankly: “Although I think he has done a lot of different things and has some very different views, it is difficult for me to dislike Pierce on a personal level.”

He added their quarrel: “This is a way to convey your message. I don’t think he personally thinks it, and neither will I.

“Many people who work in journalism can contribute, but they can’t accept it. Pierce doesn’t mind accepting it.”

Good Morning British audience disagrees with Piers Morgan’s successor Alastair Campbell in the host’s debut

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