How long does it take for the IRS to conduct an audit?

Understand that your small business will be Internal Revenue Service Tax Audit It may be disturbing. Understandably, most entrepreneurs in this position hope to complete the audit as soon as possible. Knowing what to expect can help you manage the uncertainty that comes with the review process.

Are there tax issues?

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How long does it take for the IRS to review?

There are different types of IRS tax audits. The specific time frame required to complete the review may vary depending on the underlying situation.

In most cases, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) completes the review within a few months to a year from the date of initiation. The “Internal Tax Manual” stipulates that the audit should be completed within 26 months from the date of the tax return or the date of submission, whichever is later.

However, don’t expect to review the tax immediately after submitting it. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has a three-year window to review your tax returns, although in some cases they can be traced back to six years or more. Therefore, if you apply for the 2018 tax year on April 15, 2019, the IRS can choose to audit the tax return at any time before April 15, 2022.Please note that for the 2020 tax year, individuals and business owners must pass-there is a Extend the tax filing period. The 2020 returns should now expire before May 17, 2021.

What happens during the tax review?

In some cases, audits are conducted as “corresponding” audits. In this type of audit (usually within seven months after filing the tax return), the taxpayer will receive a notice from the IRS, which provides the questions that need to be answered or the information that the taxpayer wants to provide to the auditor, and A deadline for responses was set. . This may be as simple as verifying or confirming the information of the IRS, in this case, when you reply in the affirmative, the review is basically complete. This type of audit usually ends within six months.

Another type of audit is an “office” audit, which requires you to bring your records to the IRS office. Office audits usually start within one year of filing the tax return and end within six months, although it may take longer.

“On-site” audits involve an auditor visiting your home or office (or your tax preparer) to view records. On-site audits usually take about a year and usually require a more comprehensive view of business records for multiple tax years.

How to check the status of IRS audit?

After the tax review is completed, the auditor will officially end the review. There are three possible outcomes of any audit:

  1. The auditor found that the audit found that there was no change in the declaration form you previously submitted.
  2. The review includes specific findings, and you understand and agree with these findings.
  3. The reviewer proposes a change. You can understand the proposal, but you do not agree with the findings.

During the audit process, the auditor will be the best resource for checking the status. When the audit begins, the auditor will provide you with the contact information in the IRS notification letter. If you are unable to contact the auditor, you can call (800) 829-1040 between 7 am and 10 pm local time to contact an IRS customer service representative.

If it is reviewed, can I still get a refund?

In most cases, within a few months after submitting your tax return, you may not be notified about the tax review. If you are due to refund the tax when you submit it, you most likely received the refund before the review began. However, the IRS auditor may subsequently determine that it is necessary to make changes to your tax return, which may change your tax refund. If you receive a tax refund but later pass an audit and determine that you are not fully eligible, you must repay the IRS.

Tax and audit experts can help you complete IRS tax audits

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