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American government Issue emergency powers on Sunday After the cyber attack on one of the most important pipeline networks in the United States, people are increasingly worried about shortages to keep the fuel supply lines open.

The colony’s pipeline, which contained nearly half of the fuel consumed on the east coast of the United States, was closed last Friday. Ransomware cyber attack. The operator of the pipeline, the Colonial Pipeline Company, said on Sunday that it has managed to resume operations on some of the smaller lines between the terminal and the delivery point, but its main line is still closed. It did not indicate when full service can be restored.

As traders and consumers began to worry about supply shortages, Monday’s suspension forced gasoline prices to rise.

Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at data provider GasBuddy, warned that if the pipeline is not reopened as soon as possible, the impact on prices may become more severe in the coming days.

De Haan said: “We realize that its severity may be worse than we expected.”

According to reports, the attack was related to a person known as a criminal gang. Dark side. This pipeline is the largest refined product pipeline in the United States, spanning more than 5,500 miles from Pasadena, Texas to Linden, New Jersey and New York Harbor. It serves some major transportation hubs in the United States, including Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta.

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Coronavirus digestion

  • As Latin America To fight the deadly third wave of the pandemic, China has shipped more than half of the 143.5 million vaccine doses to the 10 most populous countries in the region. According to “Financial Times” analysis.

  • I The leader announced at the end of the two-day summit, Suspension of intellectual property rights Not a solution to last week’s shortage of vaccines Unexpected move By the Biden administration.

  • decision we JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs recall their employees To the office Emphasize as soon as possible next month Europe Competitors have adopted a more cautious and lenient approach to hybrid work.

  • Indian The largest steel manufacturer Cut production The country is suffering a devastating blow due to the country’s oxygen shortage Second wave infection.

  • planning Post-Pandemic Office May contain the central paradox of freedom that encourages people to return while giving them freedom, Andrew Hill wrote. The Covid-19 crisis exposed a fundamental flaw, that is, we can increase productivity by changing our routines. Pilita Clark wrote.

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In the news

Israeli-Palestinian conflict Israel succumbed to international pressure and delayed Expelled several Palestinian families After a weekend of violence to make way for Israeli settlers, the violence caused Israeli security services to clashed with Palestinians near the Al-Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem. On Monday, Israel commemorated “Jerusalem Day”, an annual celebration of the occupation of East Jerusalem, and protests broke out again.

  • In Netanyahu: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Benjamin Netanyahu) is the king of zealots. He is in danger of being replaced by the King’s Constitutionalists’ League. Write our editorial board.

The Palestinians escaped from tear gas fired by Israeli security forces before a planned march to commemorate the Israeli occupation of Jerusalem. ©AFP via Getty Images

Global passive assets reach 15 billion U.S. dollars Data show that after the global passive investment industry’s assets exceeded 15 billion U.S. dollars last year, the assets managed by exchange-traded funds surpassed traditional index-tracking mutual funds for the first time. Compiled for the British “Financial Times”.

  • The Biden administration proposes to impose higher capital gains tax on wealthy investors, which may Speed ??up the transfer of mutual funds American asset management company executives predict that they will go to exchange-traded funds.

1MDB sues Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan Chase and Kurt & Co. for losses of more than $23 billion Malaysia’s out-of-favor state investment fund 1MDB is suing Deutsche Bank, Kurtz and JPMorgan Chase and more than 20 people, including the former prime minister of Malaysia, in order to restore health. More than $23 billion in losses.

Johnson’s popularity and “vaccine rebound” boosted conservatives Boris Johnson Strengthen his political control Entered England after the most recent local elections, but scheduled for Independent showdown After the separation, the Scottish National Party strengthened its control of the Edinburgh regime and cooperated with Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s first minister.

EU and India agree to restart trade talks Brussels and New Delhi have Agree to restart The two sides have conducted long-term negotiations on a comprehensive trade agreement because both sides are working hard to promote economic cooperation and respond to China’s growing power.

When Musk hosted a live broadcast on Saturday Night, every Dogecoin had its own day Elon Musk’s star turned to Guest Saturday night live In the history of nearly half a century of American TV comedy shows, it is different. The appearance of Musk helped increase the value of Dogecoin. The Dogecoin was originally a joke, but with the support of the CEO of Tesla, its market value has exceeded $90 billion. (foot)

  • reaction In the clearest “rumor, news” expression we have seen in the financial markets, Dogecoin collapsed More than one-third During the performance.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is centered, with singer Miley Cyrus, and

Tesla CEO told TV viewers: “I sometimes say or say strange things” ©AP

One day in the future

Hertz Court Auction A kind Competition When rival private equity bidders are auctioned in the Federal Bankruptcy Court today, the bankrupt car rental group will come to an end.

Dfinity launched The long-delayed cryptocurrency project officially launched Start trading And plans to release “Internet computers”, a set of technologies designed to support decentralized applications and services in the blockchain world.

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What are we still reading

The rise of Elise Stefanik The first Republican congresswoman from upstate New York has changed from a rising star of the Republican moderates to one of Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters.It is widely expected that she will be elected chairman of the GOP meeting of the House of Representatives this week, which makes her The most senior Republican woman On Capitol Hill.

Elise Stefanik

Elise Stefanik recognizes Donald Trump at the 2020 Republican National Convention © Photo courtesy of the committee

China’s space ambitions The accelerated pace of Beijing’s rocket and satellite launches, coupled with a reluctance to share details of projects deemed vital to the country, may create mature conditions for a deadlock. Space arms race, Whether you want it or not.Most of the Chinese rocket section was burned Re-enter the earth’s atmosphere On Sunday, but observers called the incident “Lure”. (FT, AP)

How billionaire women are reshaping philanthropy When Melinda Gates called for a divorce, charities were scrambling to respond to gender, generational, and strategic shifts.This Growth given by women To a certain extent, it reflects the growth of their wealth.

The future battle of milk Emerging companies and multinational companies are in competition $17 billion plant-based beverage market -The stakes are high. Proponents argue that compared with cattle, plant-based milk production produces lower greenhouse gas emissions, which suggests that high-tech methods can help feed humans and curb global warming.

Oats is one of the most successful manufacturers of plant-based beverages, facing competition from the Nestlé company Wunda, which is made from peas

Oats is one of the most successful plant-based beverage manufacturers, and it faces competition from Nestlé’s Wunda, which is made from peas. ©FT montage; Getty Images

Executive Education 2021 Many companies are preparing to increase or maintain budgets for executive training to prepare for senior executives in the post-pandemic era. Financial Times investigation found.

  • deeper Increased budget planned for 2021 Great Applies to companies in Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region, followed by the United States and Canada, and then the Middle East and Africa. Those in Europe are least likely to predict the increase in training spending.

Video of the day

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