Comedian John Mulaney and his wife Annamarie Tendler divorce six years later

When John Mulaney was preparing to perform on stage in Manhattan on Monday night, His first standing performance Since entering rehabilitation in the second half of last year-news reports indicate that he will divorce his wife Annamarie Tendler six years ago.

The split was first reported by the following people Sixth page, Confirming that Mulani (Mulaney) asked for a divorce from Tendler three months ago.

Mulani declined to comment further on his marriage. He told Page Six that he will continue to focus on his recovery and return to comedy.

Through a spokesperson, Tendler said on the website: “I feel sad for John’s decision to end our marriage. I hope that he will be supported and succeeded in his continued recovery.”

Tendler, an artist and a master’s degree student in costume design at New York University, has often been a source of comedy material in Mulaney’s past talk show scenes. The couple shared the French bulldog Petunia, who also became a more memorable part of Mulaney.

Timeline of the relationship between husband and wife Inside story It detailed how Tendler predicted in 2010 that he would eventually marry Mulaney. A year before the restoration work, in December 2019, Mulaney and Tendler appeared together in the premiere photos of the comedian’s latest Netflix special.

“Anna, I don’t know how to put the photos, but I’m lucky to be next to you,” Mulani captioned the photos of the event, he said shared On Instragram. “And you are the only person I really want to laugh.”

In December, Mulaney enters Pennsylvania Rehabilitation Center For cocaine and alcohol addiction, the problems of adapting to life changes during the coronavirus pandemic are listed.

Before going into rehabilitation, Mulaney showed About behavior He was hired as a writer when he appeared on Seth Meyers’ “Evening Night” show.

Mulani is open to his past struggles with addiction and he detailed his problems with alcohol and cocaine in an interview in 2019 gentleman. Since 2005, he has remained sober and then encountered problems again during the pandemic.

Comedian is Will begin a five-day residenceIt was called “John Mulani: From the Scratch” at the Manhattan City Winery from May 10th to 14th.

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