After an outcry against the lack of diversity, NBC canceled the 2022 Golden Globe Awards

The American television network National Broadcasting Corporation said on Monday that it will not hold the Hollywood Golden Globe Awards in 2022 due to complaints about ethical lapses and the lack of diversity of groups that issue annual film and television awards.

The main object of these complaints is the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which manages the Golden Globe Awards. Earlier this year, the Los Angeles Times published an investigation into the HFPA. These complaints aroused people’s attention. The investigation pointed out that no black people are currently registered as members of the organization.

The newspaper also raised long-term ethical issues regarding the close relationship between HFPA and film studios, which may affect the selection of nominees and winners for the Golden Globe Awards.

After the announcement, members of the organization approved extensive changes aimed at changing their ranks and resolving ethics complaints.

These steps include hiring a chief diversity officer, emphasizing the recruitment of black journalists, and expanding the number of potential applicants for foreign entertainment reporter groups.

Demonstrators held the “Time’s Up Globes” campaign slogan outside the Beverly Hilton Hotel at the Golden Globe Awards ceremony held in Beverly Hills, California on February 28. (Valerie Macon/AFP/Getty Images)

The new rules also require HFPA members to stop accepting promotional products from film and television studios, and the group must publish a public list of members and links to their work.

But only two months after the announcement, the organization was once again caught in controversy. The company’s former president Philip Berk was expelled from the organization in February for sending an email criticizing Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the South African-born Berk shared an “racial hatred movement” called “Black Life Issues” and described Kulles as “a self-proclaimed well-trained Marxist.” .

NBC condemned Berk’s actions and called for “immediate expulsion” of him after the email became public knowledge. The newly hired diversity consultant Shaun Harper also condemned Berk’s move and resigned.

Harper said in his resignation letter that he was optimistic when he joined the organization, but he was forced to resign after learning of the organization’s “profound systemic and reputational challenges”.

Harper is a professor of race, gender and LGBTQ issues at the University of Kazakhstan. He said: “I am confident in our ability to drive change and change together. I deeply respect the industry and the people in the industry ask you. Marshall of Southern California Business school.

Resist the threat

Last week, Netflix also expressed doubts about its future participation in HFPA.

The Netflix co-chair said: “We don’t believe that these proposed new policies, especially those surrounding the growth and scale of membership, will not address the HFPA’s systemic diversity and inclusion challenges, or the lack of clear membership operating standards. .” Executive Ted Sarandos (Ted Sarandos) wrote in a letter to the organization.

Earlier on Monday, Warner Bros. (Warner Bros.) said it would stop screenings and other activities on HFPA until more changes are made.

WarnerMedia executives said in a letter: “For a long time, special treatment, special treatment and unprofessional requirements have been put forward to our team and others in the industry.” “We regret that, As an industry, we have been complaining, but until now we still tolerate this behavior to a large extent.”

NBC issued its own statement shortly after announcing the cancellation of the globe. The leaders of the network stated in it that “they believe that HFPA is committed to meaningful reform”, but the organization still needs more time to do so.

The statement said: “Therefore, NBC will not broadcast the 2022 Golden Globes. Assuming that the organization executes as planned, we hope that we can broadcast the show in January 2023.”

In 2018, NBC signed a contract with show producer Dick Clark Productions Eight-year contract Continue to broadcast the globes they have made since 1996. Since 2009, the program’s ratings have remained at a high level, while other awards programs (such as the Grammy Awards and Emmy Awards) have fallen sharply.

But the ratings for the Golden Globes this year have also dropped sharply. According to a report by Nielsen Media Research, the number of viewers at the awards ceremony dropped from 18.7 million in 2020 to 6.9 million in 2021.

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