NFC East 2021: Football Team Edition

In the 2020 first draft, led by Ron Rivera, the Washington football team chose Chase Young instead of Tua Tagovailoa Made the right move, they also found a pair of starters in RB Antonio Gibson and S Kamren Curl on Day 2 and Day 3, respectively. Let’s rate Rivera’s 2021 follow-up draft here.

Choice 19 (first round): Kentucky LB, Jamin Davis. The rugby team is the only team in the NFC Eastern region to “persist in selection” in the first round. They landed on Davis, a natural sports freak with sufficient length.

In 2020, Davis picked up 102 tackles, 1.5 sacks and three INTs. He is a little-known potential customer, and as the draft gets closer, he starts to cause a sensation in the first round. Take a look:

Although it can be said that the defender has no priority in the first round, the football team is clearly in need there, and the former defender serves as the head coach (Rivera) and defensive coordinator (Magajek Del Rio), they feel there is May solve this problem. Davis should immediately become the starter on Day 1. He may be the best guard on the football team.

Choose 51 (second round): Sam Cosmi, OT, Texas: The football team caught Kosmi in the second round of the offensive lineman’s run, and 10 of them entered the field. Cosmi is a high-rise, low-ceilinged person who can fill the vacancy of the LT football team. I think this is purely a choice to meet demand. We will cover this in detail in the overall results section of this post.

•Choose 74 (the third round): CB Richard Ellis, Minnesota (Benjamin St-Juste): After the offensive forward runs, the football team may want to join the quarterback. In the game, Kyle Trask, Karen Mond and Davis Mills all stand out from the quarterback range. the 60’s. Instead, in the absence of those quarterbacks, they added St-Juste, which is a 6-foot-3 news corner, which, although not performing well, is fully equipped to handle larger physical receivers.

•Choose 82 (the third round): Dyami Brown, WR, North Carolina: Brown is a productive low-post receiver. In the past two seasons, he has scored 105 passes for 2,133 yards (20.3 YPC) and 20 TDs in a talented offense in North Carolina. I like the highlights of the following 3:00 mark. Knowing he has one-on-one coverage, he asked for a pre-snap shot of the ball and then cleaned up the dust for the 2020 first-round pick AJ Terrell.

Brown provided another young successor to the football team, with Kelvin Harmon (Kelvin Harmon), Antonio Gandy-Golden (Antonio Gandy-Golden) and Cam Sims (Cam Sims) and other young people People develop together, and the established Terry McLaurin, Curtis Samuel and Adam Humphries. I kind of like hybrid receivers.

Choice 124 (round 4): Boise State University John Bates, TE: Bates has only 47 catches for 579 yards and 2 TDs in 46 professional games at Boise.Considering his background in high school, he should provide good test numbers in his career, and then Not a bit. While looking for Bates’ videos, I found that Zach Ertz (!) actually ruined his game.

Bates is considered a good shot blocker. The football team needs an offline TE to pair with Logan Thomas, but is it important to overdraw this guy too quickly in the fourth round?

Choice 163 (Round 5): Cincinnati, S. Darrick Forrest: Forrest is an excellent defender in Cincinnati’s excellent defense.He has Ideal motion measurement, He should immediately contribute to the special team, and he can also view time as an additional security measure for early strikes against 11 personnel. I like his value here.

Pick 225 (Round 6): Camaron Cheeseman, LS, Michigan: The football team selected a snapper in the sixth round. The flute player is the guy who scores the goal and steals the ball on the pan. Cheeseman is Dane Brugler of The Athetic’s fourth snapper. He acts here:

If the rugby team’s game is not yet sold out, it will be soon.

It is worth noting that the football team will replace their fifth-round draft pick with this draft pick in 2022, as well as the 240th overall pick. Drafting a long snapper fish. Once again it was the guy who scored the goal and stole the ball on the pan.

Choice 240 (Round 7): Will Bradley-King, EDGE, Baylor: Bradley-King played for the Red Wolves at Arkansas State University, where he had 49 tackles (13.5 losses), 8.5 sacks and 3 forced turnovers. He is a graduate who transferred to Baylor, where he had 31 tackles (5.5 losses), 3.5 sacks and was forced to fall in nine games.He has Decent athletic ability For wing defenders, it is worth buying lottery tickets in an already strong position.

Choice 246 (Round 7): Shaka Toney of EDGE, Pennsylvania State University: Toney is a super small steal player, Excellent athletic ability, And produced a good film in four years at Penn State (20 sacks in 40 games). This seems to be a developing theme, as the football team achieved an athletic forward in the seventh round of James Smith Williams last year. Throw the other on the pile.

Choice 258 (Round Seven): Dax Milne, WR, BYU: Taking Learn more about Zach Wilson early in the offseason, I look at Milne very well, I mean I like him, as a seventh-round pick. He is not fast or tall, but he has agility, a running mind and a good hand. He has just played a lot (70-1188-8 in 2020) and he reminds me of the day Jeff Maehl was in Oregon, if it can be done for anyone. Do you remember him?


The Washington football team has a good lineup, but as always, the quarterback has no definite long-term answer. It can be said that this fact will continue to be the elephant in the conference room with this team until it is not.

• The Bears are 20th behind Washington at 19th place and traded draft pick Justin Fields (Justin Fields). This is an expensive expense. They gave up the first round of 2022, the third round of 2022 and the fifth round of 2021. Will the Giants reach the same agreement with Washington? This may be an unanswerable question, and for the football team, whether this is a wise move remains to be discussed. (If there is a chance, I will do it.)

• Another question that may not be answered is whether Washington can make a trade to draft Mike Jones before sitting on the 15-year-old Patriots. Again, would that be smart? (I personally would not do that.)

• Then, as mentioned above, at the end of Round 2 and the beginning of Round 3, there were quarterbacks when Kyle Trask (64th, Buccaneers), Kellen Mond (66th, Vikings) and Davis Mills (3rd) First name) 67 years old, Texas) all stand out. Will the football team regret choosing one of them to meet the immediate needs of Cosmi OT? Time will prove everything.

Looking ahead, the path for the football team to draft long-term answers at the quarterback is not encouraging. Ryan Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) is an upgrade of everything he did at quarterback last season. This will help the football team win the division championship again in 2021, but he will not make this team a Contenders for the Super Bowl.

Until the quarterback finds the long-term answer, they will continue to fall into mediocrity. do you know? “Mediocre” can win this garbage department! Similarly, “Mediocrity” will greatly improve the status of the doormat that was acquired during most of the Daniel Snyder era. If this team can return to the ranks of the NFC Eastern Championship, it will be the first team to do so since the Eagles in the 2003-2004 season. Maybe this can help promote a culture from a team that is expected to fail to a team that is expected to win?

It may be good at the moment, but the football team will only have 6 picks in the 2022 NBA Draft, and they may win enough games. Under these circumstances, it will be difficult for them to play a quarterback. If (a ) Just like the one in the draft, or (b) one can be obtained through trade. Although Rugby Purgatory is much better than Rugby Hell, Rugby Purgatory will get old soon.

The decision not to take action for Fields or Jones, not to choose Trask, Mond or Mills is a defensible decision. In other words, I can hardly believe that the team doesn’t like any of them at all. If I were Rivera, I would seize the opportunity to go to one of them.

Apart from the quarterback discussion, I guess their choice is pretty good. I like some, I don’t like others, etc., but for me, it’s like, “Wake me up when they get a quarterback.” Before that, this team will be easily fired.

grade: B-.

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