After the train crash in Idaho, former eagle Brandon Bair saved lives

Former Hawks defensive end Brandon Baier rescued a man from a burning semi truck after being hit by a train in San Antonio, Idaho on Thursday night.

The 36-year-old drove to work at around 5:45 in the afternoon when he saw the locomotive Bair hit the truck on the passenger side. To the East Idaho News.

Bell said: “There was an explosion immediately, and the train was pushing the truck onto the rails.” “I called 911 and started driving along the median. It didn’t reach the front of the train until the train stopped.”

Bell then ran across the highway to the truck, where he found the driver trapped in the car and unable to move because the smoke and flames engulfed the vehicle.

Bell climbed into the truck halfway through the small rear window between the passenger and driver’s seat. He and the driver broke the steering wheel and other equipment to help the man get out of the crash. After the driver had enough room to move, Bell pulled him out of the truck through the small window.

Bell said: “This is my conscious decision, because he needs help now.” “I ran to the window and saw hot flames spreading inside the truck. I could see a person wearing a seat belt and able to reach out. Take him off of him. He was talking and I told him we must leave here now.”

After a few seconds, the roof of the truck collapsed, and the whole car burst into flames. Several explosions occurred within a few minutes.

Bair stayed with the man until the emergency crew arrived at the crash site and then took the driver to a nearby hospital. The man was identified as 25-year-old Steven Jenson, and as of Friday morning, he is in good condition.

Bell said: “I can only say that this person should be alive. I am a faithful person. I have learned to listen to your instincts and prompts. Mainly he is still alive. Things could have gone a million different things. Direction, but the matter is resolved on his behalf. That is my conclusion. Whether it is me or anyone else, he should live.”

Bayer has some scratches, but no burns. After talking to the police about what happened, Bell drove home and called his wife.

Bell said: “I was able to unite and become strong, but when I heard her voice, I was a little trembling.” “It shocked me to be able to go home and hug my arms around the children. You Never know what will happen in your life, which shows that you should hug your family whenever you have a chance.”

Bair is a native of Idaho. He played for Philadelphia in all three seasons from 2013 to 2015, when Chip Kelly was the team’s head coach. He played 21 games for the Hawks and was shortlisted twice. In three years of running in Philly, Bair won a total of 28 tackles, 1.5 sacks and four corner deflections.

Bair played at the University of Oregon in Kelly and did not participate in the game. Before landing in Philadelphia, he was a member of the Chiefs and Raiders. Bair retired from football after the 2015 season.

Bell now lives in San Antonio with his wife and four daughters. He helps run a home manufacturing business.

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