Twitter blocked tweets criticizing the Indian government

Burns with the coronavirus pandemic in India out of control, The country’s government is cracking down on social media. On Thursday, the Indian government ordered Twitter to block more than 50 tweets, which criticized how it handled the pandemic. Twitter complied with the regulations and prevented residents of the country from viewing the posts of the following people: including the Minister of State, opposition members of the Indian Parliament, film producers, actors, two reporters and several ordinary people.

On Saturday, Twitter posted detailed information about the order to lumen The database, which is a project of Harvard University, can track government delisting notices around the world.This news is First report Provided by the Indian technology policy website Medianama.

“When we receive a valid legal request, we will review it in accordance with Twitter rules and local laws. If the content violates Twitter’s rules, The content will be removed from the service. A Twitter spokesperson told BuzzFeed News. “If it is determined that it is illegal in a particular jurisdiction, but it does not violate Twitter rules, We might Reserved access Only for Indian content. The company stated that it had notified the people who restricted its tweets in India in advance and told them that the company was responding to orders from the Indian government.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of India did not respond to BuzzFeed News’ request for comment.

Restricted one tweet Belongs to Moloy Ghatak, Minister of the All India Trinamool Congress of West Bengal, which was held here recently by the Nationalist Prime Minister of Western India, Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) Mass election rally Even thousands of Indians test positive for COVID-19 every day.

Ghatak’s tweet criticized Modi for mismanagement of the epidemic.

The government also restricted dozens of tweets, which criticized Modi or shared photos of India. The crematorium and hospital are overflowing,apart from tweet From the Indian Muslim Council, an Indian Muslim advocacy organization based in Washington, DC.The group shared a Side story Regarding the Kumbh Mela pilgrimage to India at the beginning of this month, thousands of Indians attended the beginning of this month, Turn around Enter the super spread event.

“Although thousands of Covid patients are breathing heavily, the government is eager to ask Twitter to block tweets criticizing its response to the crisis, which shows that the government’s moral compass is still developing in the direction of shameless self-service.” IAMC Said in a statement.

BuzzFeed News has contacted Ghatak for comment.

Earlier this year, the number of coronavirus cases in India plummeted, and most parts of the country returned to normal life. In early March, the Minister of Health of India Say That country is in the “endgame” of the pandemic.But this country is in trouble now Second wave Triggered by new virus variants, religious gatherings and election rallies. India is currently the country with the largest number of daily infections in the world, and its healthcare system has collapsed. The supply of medical oxygen is insufficient, ventilators are hard to find, and the use of vaccines is low. According to data from Johns Hopkins UniversityIn India, there were 346,786 new cases and 2,624 deaths on Friday.

Despite the number, Modi has carry on Hold a large-scale election rally.

This is not the first time Twitter has complied with the Indian government’s order to censor tweets. In February, the company Blocked India has more than 250 accounts, criticizing the government for handling protests by thousands of farmers for violating the new agricultural laws.The company went on strike Provocative note, Despite the accounts of journalists, activists and politicians, Prison threat From the Indian government.

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