A beginner’s guide to Vaping CBD – Savage CBD

A beginner’s guide to Vaping CBD – Savage CBD


Smoking CBD is different from taking CBD tinctures, eating, topical or even smoking CBD. You may be curious about Vaping CBD or want to know how to get started. Therefore, we decided to write a beginner’s guide to Vaping CBD. We will introduce the basics of how to start using CBD and answer some common questions we encounter.

What is an electronic cigarette?

E-cigarettes are a way that allows you to inhale various products provided in the form of e-cigarette liquids. This liquid is heated to a specific temperature to change its form into a gaseous state; after that, you can comfortably inhale the contents through the mouthpiece.

Electronic Cigarette CBD

You can use CBD Pen to smoke CBD or add CBD Vape Juice to the e-cigarette device. CBD vape juice is similar to CBD oil in a way, but is designed to be used with vape pens, not directly.

We recommend that you buy CBD vape juice that is compatible with the device you are using. These products are clearly marked for this type of use on their packaging, making them easy to identify.

Differences of Vaping CBD

One of the biggest differences between Vaping CBD Vs. CBD tinctures or CBD food products are the absorption rate. When you ingest CBD through tinctures, your body needs time to metabolize it. However, when you use CBD, it will enter your system faster, allowing you to enjoy it faster.

This is why many people prefer Vaping over other methods. Although, you can metabolize more CBD through tinctures or food supplies; this may take 30 minutes to an hour to happen. However, some people still feel uncomfortable with e-cigarettes, so they prefer other ways to enjoy their CBD.

How to use CBD e-cigarettes

Types of CBD Vape juice

E-cigarette CBD involves the same process as any other liquid designed for e-cigarettes. The vape juice is first put into the jar of your vaporizer or vape pen. Some vape pens allow direct replacement of liquid cartridges, while others require you to fill a cavity permanently connected to the device.

Once the liquid enters the tank, the vape juice is heated using the internal system in the device. This process converts the liquid into vapor form, allowing you to inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece. You can add any amount of liquid to your tank, because there is no set dose for CBD.

Different CBD Vape products

If you are new to Vaping CBD, you may not have the right hardware to make your CBD e-cigarettes. For this reason, we have disposable CBD pens that can be used at any time. No assembly is required, they are already filled with CBD Vape juice. In addition, they are rechargeable; if you don’t finish the entire pen in one session, you can save it to the next time.

The reason why our customers like our pens is that they come in different varieties and have added terpenes. This will enhance your experience and give it flavor. The best part is that once you run out of vape juice, you just throw away the device.

Types of CBD Vape juice

There are two types of CBD vape juices, including pre-flavored CBD vape juices and CBD additives. CBD vape juice contains ready-made CBD liquid for vaping. This means that all you have to do is to insert the fluid into the evaporator tank. The CBD additive is designed to be used with other e-cigarette liquids, just add it to your favorite e-cigarette liquid.

Pre-flavored CBD vape juice is one of the best ways to enjoy CBD. In addition, CBD additives contain the same main ingredients as their e-cigarette juices. When you combine CBD additives with other liquids, it reduces the overall experience. There are also many different flavors to choose from to help you enjoy the CBD Vaping experience.

CBD Vape Juice Flavor

Drive CBD Vape Juice


Our CBD Vape juice- drive It is one of our most popular flavors. It has the flavours of candied blueberries and sour raspberries. It also has 3 different advantages, including: 250 mg-500 mg-1000 mgThe advantage is that you are more willing to smoke the amount of CBD.

Hustle CBD Vape Juice

Hustle and bustle

Another popular CBD Vape juice is- Hustle and bustle. This is a dessert-flavored CBD Vape juice, including freshly baked biscuits, raspberries and icing. You will be surprised at how pleasant this CBD Vape juice is. This also has 3 different advantages: 250 mg-500 mg-1000 mg

CBD Electronic Cigarette Pen

Sweet Dreams Full Spectrum CBD Vape Pen

Sweet dream

our Sweet dream The full spectrum CBD pen is one of our most popular CBD pens. It has a grape flavor and is infused with melatonin, making it perfect for evening use. In addition, it also comes with a charging port, so you can use it at any time.

Strawberry Melon Full Spectrum CBD Pen

Strawberry Melon

this Strawberry Melon Full Spectrum CBD Pen has the flavors of strawberry, melon and watermelon. In addition, the CBD content in this e-cigarette pen makes it very suitable for e-cigarettes at any time.All of our CBD Pens are readily available, which means you never have to worry about adjusting the wattage because it is already set to use as is

A beginner’s guide to Vaping CBD

A beginner's guide to Vaping CBD

In this beginner’s guide to Vaping CBD, we cover the basics of vaping you need to know Central Business DistrictIt is also worth noting that all our ingredients are posted on our website and our CBD products are nicotine free. We want to be transparent about all our products and want to assure our customers the quality of the products you receive. We hope this helps you make a decision if CBD is right for you.

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