Two signs that Dogecoin holders are “very bad”

Dogecoin is the hottest cryptocurrency in 2021, Stole a lot of money from Bitcoin and Ethereum’s earnings this year.These astronomical figures Altcoins The work done this year has attracted more and more investors. However, people who have not packaged the DOGE package before may be a little bit painful, rather than “wow”.

Take a closer look at these two sell signals, they will show their teeth starting today.

Every dog ??has his own day, this is the year of Dogecoin

According to Oxford language, The term “every dog ??has its day” refers to “everyone will have good luck or the idea of ??success at some point in their life.”

For Dogecoin, the past few days have been the “days” of cryptocurrency investors everywhere.Starting from January 1 this year Altcoins With over 9000% return on investment.Not bad for one coin That is a “joke”.

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However, these returns are understandable, and these are some of the best returns that the industry must provide. Dogecoin even eliminated the two top cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Dog decoration Altcoins Loved by mainstream people, by Elon Musk’s likes, Snoop Dogg and so on. The performance has always been the “best performer”, but the two TD 9 sell signals may make this rebound forever fall asleep.

A duo of sell signals against the U.S. dollar and Bitcoin package

As we all know, dogs are a little excited, eat too much or play too hard. Dogecoin bounced back so hard, maybe it’s damned.

But first, this old dog may turn over, TD sequence indicator.

An imperfect TD 9 setup has triggered after a sizable rally | Source: DOGEUSD on

Compared to USD trading, after the astronomical rise in recent days, the TD 9 sell setting appeared.Signal possible Clear up to 80% from the price tag of the coin.

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Against Bitcoin, The signal is also wagging. The TD 9 sell setting on the BTC currency pair was even higher than the setting, which was perfected at the high point of the day.

Dogecoin DOGEBTC Bitcoin

The signal has been perfected on the Bitcoin trading pair | Source: DOGEBTC on

Because the dollar pair is not perfect, Dogecoin can still be played The return time will be longer to make the owner as satisfied as possible.

However, this signal may indicate that a cute little puppy may soon become a Bear.

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