The Grumpy Economist: Dialogue: Win-Win and (Single) Non-Profit Organizations

Last week, I had some interesting video conversations.

This is a conversation with Ryan Bourne, Megan McArdle, and Alex Tabarrok about economics and communist years. Direct link If the above embedding is invalid.

The publication of Ryan’s brilliant book????????????????? The economics of a virus. I am often asked for advice on general readable economics books. (That is, there is no equation.) This is a gem.

Then, I had a pleasant conversation with Mike Hartmann (Mike Hartmann) Leave a comment, Link to transcript, (Slightly edited, if you want to quote me, please refer to this content. The above is only a screenshot, you must go to the link).

We discussed my view that the United States should eliminate the entire non-profit enterprise, especially the tax relief for non-profit organizations, but it should also eliminate the (less important) non-profit corporate form. Although many non-profit organizations (my boss!) are doing well, the system has become annoyingly perverted, mainly as a tax-supported political action tool, but there are also super rich second-generation rich people who can only enjoy Tax breaks and a means. Prevent the market from controlling corporate control of fragile institutions. I believe that truly useful charities will still attract donations from the substitution effect, even more than the donations received from them, without deducting tax losses.

For a long time, I’ve always wanted to collect facts and data to see if this salty opinion is as meaningful as I think, and I’m very happy to know Charity Daily, This will be a useful resource.

Oh yes, there is also a great GoodFellows Bjorn Lomberg In the climate. I like talking to Bjorn. He has a broad grasp of facts and science, but he is still optimistic that facts and science will play a role in this debate. As global warming goes from climate change to climate crisis, from climate justice to climate risk (finance), my optimism has declined, but hope must be freed from Pandora’s ideas.also

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