Meet Vikramsinh Parmar, the New Face in the Indian Startup Fraternity

Vadodara, India, 03/24/2021 / Veer Ahir /

Vikramsinh Parmar is a 28-year-old rising entrepreneur and founder of LawTally?—?The lawyer directory website founded in NY.

In an interview with Vikramsinh Parmar, he shares with us his journey and dealing with digital technology. He throws some spotlight on his latest venture LawTally. And how long-standing dreams become a reality after a lot of hard work, sacrifices, and determination.

Born on 27th February 1993, in the Bhavnagar district of Gujarat, India, Mr. Parmar currently works from his real estate office based in Vadodara. But do not make the mistake of considering him someone only into real estate.

When he starts to speak about his journey, you come to know how his departure was meant to lead somewhere else, a better path.

Did you start working in the same industry that you are currently working?

My professional journey started at a very young age. Whether it was fortunately unfortunate or unfortunately fortunate, I leave it on the people to decide. After completing my higher secondary, I joined the university to get an engineering degree.

Six months into it, I realized that my family did not have the financial set up to pay for my degree. After a short period of sorrow, I started searching for options that would allow me, an inexperienced wanderer, to work and earn.

The search led me to something that I had only heard of till then, i.e., an SEO expert. Researching about the work more headed me to the benefits of being an SEO expert, freelancing work. All of it was lucrative and addictive.

Struggling for months, I finally managed to crack the first client that offered me contract-based work that not only lasted long but also paid me a considerable amount. My drowning ship got repaired and set its sail. This client gave me a good amount of experience in SEO work. He also introduced me to

I found the platform highly beneficial for anyone who wished to make out the most of every opportunity. The fact that the project uploader and project doer could connect so easily looked like a dream to me.

These were the days when I realized the actual power of digital technology. And I fixed my mind to work related to or inside the domain of digital technology. And after that, there’d been no looking back.

What attracts you the most about digital technology?

All the mental stress brought in by previous technologies is simply taken away by digital technology. It enables humans to sit at his or her desk all day long and earn a living. The amount of digital flexibility technology brings to one’s table is immense, and it’s going to increase as IoT, machine learning, and AI advances.

Your venture LawTally is based on the same technologies. Is it because you foresee those technologies having a brighter future?

LawTally is an online lawyers’ directory. It’s based out in New York, USA. Works on a unique verification process that takes all the ache away from the user’s head and lets them complete their work related to the law industry in a shorter time.

Currently, it is meant for lawyers who wish to connect with their clients and clients looking for the right lawyer in New York, USA. However, we plan to expand to India, Canada, and the Middle East, seeing the response that we are getting.

LawTally platform is very dynamic. At the same time, its user-friendliness is not something you would like to neglect.

Each user of this platform can view the details of lawyers registered on it and reach out to the lawyer for appropriate concerns. And the sparklies in the fact that before its launch, the website is tested using a prototype.

Of course, my dream project is based on a solid prediction about the technologies currently winning everybody’s trust. And if you look carefully, even the world’s top 10 wealthiest people have termed them as the coming age technologies. So, it does make sense.

Tell a bit of your office based in Vadodara and how you met real estate in your journey…

So, after my initial success with SEO work, I did head a team of 25 people. We started working under a roof. And I wanted to take the next step forward. For that, I was researching various industries and trying to sort of juggle up to find a safe niche.

That’s when real estate did fit in. I come from geography, where people are a lot concerned about their ROI. And in terms of business, I am no different. I was doing my research and was almost ready with a plan when I met Sandip Lakhani, my partner.

Mr. Lakhani has more than 18 years of experience in the field of real estate. He has seen its crests and troughs. After meeting Mr. Lakhani, I did not dare start a wealthy project that is now half complete.

Apart from this project, me and Mr. Lakhani are also together in bidding for government tenders related to western railway projects. We’ve had a very successful period together as a real estate team and currently have twelve real estate properties that generate praiseworthy ROIs.

Apart from my ROIs in real estate, I am even more proud about Avik Overseas, my venture that I started by partnering with Avi Patel. Avik Overseas guide Indian students, not only in getting abroad but also in settling over there.

Your portfolio must seem daunting to anyone who has just started or is willing to start fresh. Any sort of advice for them?

Establishing a business would also mean knowing you’d get uncertainties and willingly signing up for it. So, if you do not have the habit of viewing uncertainties as opportunities, you are signing up for a lifelong struggle.

In recent times, when the lockdown was announced because of the pandemic, uncertainty did strike our business. And we were prepared in all other terms, but the scale of uncertainty was massive enough, even for a company running at a larger scale than ours’ was. So, it did hit us hard.

But somewhere or the other, I was prepared to face the situation because I had seen worse during my past times. We went from office culture to online culture, the task that requires years of preparation within months. And I would not boast by saying we have completely recovered, but the signs of completely recovering soon are visible.

So, the advice is: Do not confuse between your beliefs on your plans and overconfidence. We believed that we are prepared for any uncertainty in businesses. But to not take nature into account was our overconfidence. The difference is thin.

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