5 Reasons to Invest in Nova City Islamabad

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5 Reasons to Invest in Nova City Islamabad are going to enhance your knowledge about Nova City. It is a newly emerging housing society right next to Islamabad developing by Nova City Developers, located at CPEC route, Fateh Jang Road, and Rawalpindi Ring Road.

The developers of Nova City Islamabad are Nova City developers. The company is well-known for its world-class infrastructure development. The developers have chosen a prime location for the Nova residential housing society. The plots for sale in Nova City are affordable.

Following are the 5 Reasons to Invest in Nova City Islamabad:

1. Nova City Islamabad Location: The location of Nova City Islamabad is situated at a prime location right next to Islamabad. Two main routes pass along with the society, such as the CPEC route on one side and the other side the Rawalpindi Ring Road.

The location is placed at a central location where all the major locations could be accessed easily through major and spacious link roads. The M-2 Lahore-Islamabad provides the closest and most convenient link to Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

New Islamabad International Airport is also closest to the society, which makes it an ideal living area for the business community that needs frequent traveling and wants to avoid high traffic in rush hours.


Nova City is accessible in the following ways:

  • Right next to the CPEC route
  • Right next to the Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • Almost 26 min drive away from Islamabad
  • Almost 31 min drive away from Rawalpindi
  • Almost 6 min drive away from Bango, Attock
  • Right next to the CPEC-Ring Road Interchange
  • Almost 25 min drive away from M-2 Motorway
  • Almost 3 min drive away from Kanial, Rawalpindi
  • Almost 9 min drive away from Dhok Korak, Attock
  • Almost 8 min drive away from N-80, Qutbal, Attock
  • Almost 21 min drive away from New Islamabad International Airport

Nearby Landmarks & Places:

Following are the nearby landmarks and places near Nova City that makes it one of the most prime location housing society as follows:

  • N-80
  • Attock
  • Top City-1
  • CPEC route
  • Rawalpindi
  • Islamabad
  • Fateh Jhang
  • Mumtaz City
  • M2 Motorway
  • Capital Smart City
  • Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • CPEC-Ring Road Interchange
  • New Islamabad International Airport

2.Low-Rates Payment Plan:

The low-priced payment plan of Nova City housing society Islamabad is brought to the investors by Nova Developers and Sky Marketing with the utmost intention to provide a luxurious yet, affordable housing scheme for the people of Pakistan.

Following are the pre-launched prices of Nova City. The management has set the prices, and these are subject to the change without any prior notice to the public. With just a 10% downpayment and 10% confirmation payment, could a plot be booked by an investor?

Terms & Conditions:

Following are the terms and conditions of the payment plan as follows:

  • The above-mentioned prices are for non-category plots. 10% extra charges would have to be submitted on category plots.
  • These limited time-offer prices are pre-launch prices and liable to be amended after launch and development.
  • The price is subject to be changed without any notice.
  • The mentioned prices are inclusive of development charges.
  • Pay Order in favor of “Nova City Developers.”
  • 10% confirmation charges to be paid within 45 days.

Important Notice:

Following are the important points regarding booking and payment:

  • In case of failure in confirmation within 45 days, then the automatic cancellation of the property will take place. In this case, only 75% amount will be refunded in six months.
  • 10% discount on full payment and 5% discount on 5% payment of the property.
  • The plot prices of Nova city are exclusive of any government charges, taxes, or duties.

3. No Objection Certificate:

    The legality issue of a housing society is the most notable point of a newly emerging housing society. Sky Marketing brings you this good news that the NOC and all the relevant documentation will soon be approved by the concerned authorities.

    The NOC approval takes some time because the authorities are busy verifying all the documentation from relevant departments. This is one of the most concerning points of the whole society, which is also convincing enough once the NOC is approved by the authorities. With the approval, the prices also rise considerably.

    The Nova City developers have already applied to the authorities for the approval of all the documentation and their verification so that as soon as possible, a level of trust could be developed.

    Although society is in its pre-launch phase, the investors are already showing a great level of interest. People from all over Pakistan are contacting the management of Nova City and Sky Marketing to gather information about the society and its lowest-rate payment and installment plans.

    4. Facilities & Amenities:

      The luxurious and modern facilities are the most liked and convincing reason of a housing society that makes an investor change his/her mind to invest in the society. Nova City is a well-planned housing society with all the luxurious amenities & facilities included in the master plan and will be developed gradually at a fast pace.

      Following are some of the amenities in Nova City Islamabad:


      Among the most required facilities, the availability of the mosque is essentially made part of the layout plan so that the residents may develop and maintain a strong relationship with the creator of the whole universe. A beautifully designed mosque will be built in the society for the residents.

      Safe Community:

      A complete sense of safety and security is essential for the residents to feel 24/7, may it be day or night, because all that matters is to live a happy and safe life. An investor is possessive about the safety of his family, and if society is not safe, then no resident or investor will be interested in investing in the society.

      Day and Night Security guards, CCTV cameras, and a central security command center will be established to maintain strict and high-standard security for the sake of the safety of the residents.

      Spacious Carpeted Roads:

      The roads, streets, and main boulevard are designed to provide safe and spacious travel for the inhabitants. The roads and streets are placed with high-tech security and street light systems. Such high-tech yet efficient advancements and innovations make Nova City even more attractive for investors.

      Public Parks and Zoo:

      Society has focused on all the needs of families and children living within the premises. For this purpose, the developers have included a well-planned zoo and public lush green parks that will provide a green, fresh, and environment-friendly ambiance to the people living in Nova City.

      Health Facilities:

      Society is going to provide all the world-class medical and health care facilities to the residents. Clinics and hospitals will provide all the high-tech health care and emergency facilities with high-professional doctors and para-medic staff.

      5. High Yield Investment Returns:

        The foremost concern of an investor is that if his investment will have the potential of high yield returns or not. Among the 5 Reasons to Invest in Nova City, perhaps this is the most lucrative for investors. An investor is a businessman, and he is concerned with his investment. Nova City provides every reason, including high yield investment return.

        Investors are always in search of excellent opportunities related to the real estate industry. This time investor does not have to waste their time and resources in exhaustive search because this is already one of the most speculative housing societies in Lahore that does not any research or introduction.

        If you are investing now in Nova City, then this means that you will have to invest at affordable costs, and after 2-3 years, when it will be completely developed, then you will be able to have a return on your investment to double the present investment.


        5 Reasons to Invest in Nova City Islamabad gives you all the convincing reasons to invest in Nova housing scheme Islamabad. It is a society full of potential, which is going to be the talk of the town among other investors of Pakistan.

        All of the above reasons states that why Nova City Islamabad is the best option to invest in. It can give you ROI beyond your expectations.

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